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A Message From an Old Player

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Hi everyone. I'm an old HoN player, from when the game just became F2P and you only had 15 rotating heroes to choose from. My nickname I think was GabboArgento, but for some reason I can't seem to recover that data. I remember doing a thread once in which I related a dream of mine which was totally bonkers and some guy put it as his signature, that was hilarious. Oh well, it doesn't matter now...

Today, suddendly, I wanted to check the HoN forums. To my surprise, the inevitable revelation of the game's demise was already in. I have to say, I felt quite sad. For many reasons, which I'm going to list here, in case it may help future generations of gamers and developers alike.


As I said, I'm sort of a veteran player. Many times I tried to help the team by giving suggestions, which were agreed by other players but completely ignored by the developers. Even my goodbye thread back then got locked out because apparently was pure evil. The game was dying quickly and instead of saying to leaving players "wait, don't go, we will hear you", they would lock your opinions. Go figure.

I remember the most cruel kick in the groin I ever received by a game company: I'm a latin american player, and they actually blocked my connection to the official servers and sent me to play to a crap one which had worst ping and even worst attention. I actually solved it by using a proxy, which could get you instantly banned if you mentioned in the forums. Great way to keep a healthy player base!

What I loved the most from this game was the looks of it. Ah, that gothic, western feel was amazing. The voices, music and colors matched perfectly. Then, they started to come up with the little girls in skirts. Because, you know, horny teenagers are the ones who spend the most money, so my beloved dark war became a complete asian mess. I made many threads trying to stop this nonsense but was always received by a simple "hey, we gotta make money somehow". Even my requests for an option to disable those awful customizations fell into deaf ears.

I remember the day I finally decided to leave the game: I played three straight matches, each taking me like half an our to find, filled with trolls. Didn't even wasted my time reporting because I already did that many times already and nothing happened like, ever. I expressed my concerns on the forums and I was greeted by the usual "well, you must be wrong, my games are all perfect". So I decided to leave the game. Like many, many other people did before me, and I'm sure many more after. No attempts to mantain any of those players were given, which felt even more saddening. Like, don't they care? At least a little? Nah, they just want the whales to spend their money on skins of asian girls dressed as pandas.


And yet, even after all these blunders and many more, I always stood my ground: HoN was the best MOBA I've ever played, even to this day, when I spend my time on Dota 2. The mechanics were the best around, so good that they're been copied right now by other franchises (Dawnbreaker is like a crappy Sir Benzington, for example). Each hero felt unique and completely on tone with the world, and the voices were so much fun. So, how come this great game is now officially dead? Bad managment, that's why. Nobody cared, nobody listened, and greed took over.

Please, if you're reading this and you're in charge of another game, follow my advice: listen to the most caring and veteran players, because they're the ones who love the game the most, and only want its success. If you're part of a gaming community, raise your voice, even when the developers seem to hate you for it. Do what you can to make the game a better place, avoid trolling, report the griefers, make guides, provide suggestions. Don't be part of the problem, rather of the solution.


Goodbye Heroes of Newerth, I will always miss you.

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