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You can play versus bots in local games afaik, however once the servers are shut down, I don't think the UI will allow you to navigate to the required options.
Right now you can play a local bot game if you host a "public game" and choose "practice" as your server. That will disable a lot of options, but you can enable "bot match".

For (I think) every UI-action in HoN there is a console command and you can host practice games without logging in, so it shouldn't be difficult to host a local bot match. You can probably figure out the command on this page (something like "startgame practice GameName map:caldavar allheroes:true devheroes:true nostats:true mode:botmatch"): 


As for avatars, there will be no record of what avatars you bought, but since it's local on your PC, you can probably pick every single avatar you want, but it might require you to either use "cheat command" (you can do that locally) or mod your client.

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