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Time remaining to reconnect

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SINCE barely u got teammates that pause or lucky if u a good non griefing team that wills to pause for u 

is it possible to change the time of reconnecting to the game ? an extra minute would be great because whenever my pc crashes and i have to shutdown and restart it takes almost 3 minutes to get a kickoff and open HoN. 

Iam speaking about this from my POV i dont know if anyone suffers from the same issue 

i got Disconnected multiple times because i couldnt reconnect on time always 

i end up getting banned for 5 hours 233 minutes or 4h then after that 8 ? then 23 

which happened with me earlier this week. 

I hope there is any solution to this because really i play with a friend always we both Q noone pauses just him and if  game got paused someone upause

always that salty rat .




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