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Final Feedback

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I'm sad HoN isn't anymore, even though I didn't really play it for the last years. It was my favourite game for years.

However, I just want to let you know how disappointed I am, looking at this game now with some of the same problems it had in Beta. I think you didn't do enough, I think you haven't tried hard enough.

- Support in multiple languages is still not given

- issues with certain hardware/software are still a thing that cause lags and crashes that no other game I play has

- absolutely toxic chat but especially voice chat is still a thing, even though basically every other game has proven this to be a mistake if done this way

And last but not least: That you switched to F2P years after LoL did it with such a huge success is just sad and probably one of the main reasons with language support that caused this to fail against the competition.

I remember giving all this Feedback even back in Beta, reading, hearing and seeing the same Feedback over and over and you still haven't adressed it. You tried a cheap strat and it failed eventually.

Anyway.. thank you for probably the best Moba (Gameplay-wise) we'll see until maybe the next decade. Good luck going forward.

Edit: I did play the last couple of days and I see why it has to be shut down (besides the already mentioned reasons). The toxicity reached a level I did not expect to be possible. 1 out of about 20 matches was not absolutely toxic by 1 or more people. It's shameful what kind of humans are allowed to play this game or even use the internet.

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