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Jungle roam - Is not griefing ( Atleast when i play it )

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I want to clarify here for people because after thousands of games , 95% are still clueless and never experienced " new plays that are actually old " . 

Jungle roam - it means : Do not pick a jungle hero , do not go dual long lane , get 1 - 1 - 2 lane . 

To be effective , you need setup like this. Not getting setup like this , then game is most likely screwed .

When jungle roaming - your objective is to get fast lvl 2 ( and virtually any hero with good stun and dmg on lvl 2 )


- Devo ( veil rot into stacked small camp ) 

- Rampage ( E into Q ) then roam map ) 

- Pebbles ( good hero overall ) 

You name it ! 

Get tome of exp if stuck at low lvl ( AND MOST IMPORTANTLY - DO NOT FARM , LEAVE IT FOR OTHERS , BE ACTIVE ) !

Whoever says this sucks and is 1200 , do you rather have afk jungler for 15mins or 15+ in assist ally ? 


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You clump all jungle hero players into one. "Afk jungle 15 min" is not how every jungler plays. There's decisions to be made. You are active as soon as possible, missing out on exp/gold if ganks dont work out or stay in jungle longer for higher level and more gold but risk having enemies capitalise on 4v5 game. Every game is not the same. 

Why would you even need to go jungle for lvl 2 as Devo? His decay at lvl 1 is strong enough to get a kill on any squishy hero without escape. 

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