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My suggestions for closing characters

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What was the problem with closing all the heroes, as it was before, and opening a pool of 30 heroes once a week, making a purchase of characters (who are too lazy to save up silver, they would buy several heroes for gold for a comfortable play with them), this is much more interesting, I have been constantly getting lost in this huge list of characters for the last 2 years and choose only from a limited pool of 10 heroes, which sometimes change. in a game-limited pool, people would take different bundles of characters more often, and I would have to think more about my choice.
Since you have decided to close, would you like to try to do at least such a game mode in the Forests of Caldavar?
roughly speaking: from 1-7, 30 characters are opened (2 groups of 15 characters each) (10 dodgers, 10 magicians, 10 strongmen), the rest are closed.
with 8-15 of these 30 characters, 15 close (1st group) (5 dodgers, 5 magicians and 5 strongmen), but others open (3rd group) 15 characters (5 dodgers, 5 magicians and 5 strongmen) and groups 2 and 3 are already functioning
from 16-22 the 2nd group closes, the 3rd remains, the 4th is added, etc.
do you want to play Solstice? buy a character for ... let's say 5000 silver, or 1000 gold, then he will be available to you whenever you want (if someone else doesn't take him like that)
Add some glow to the characters (if the player made an immortal for a character) it's kind of easy, but players would show off in front of others, try to make immortals on Ophelia and Empath, ruin the game? so what, but fun. Fun is what we play the game for.

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I think Garena HoN still works this way.

Personally I prefer to have every hero to choose from so I can pick the appropriate counter to enemies and assistance for my team. Not having every hero to choose from unless you pay (or play a lot) feels like (weak) pay to win 😞 (in the time when HoN had this, I already had all heroes because I bought the game).

On the other side I love AllRandom because you have to accustom to the situation (and don't have those 2-hero-players), which would be closer to reality with a rotating pool I guess. Still, I prefer to have all the heroes available for everyone.

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