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Thanks to all the staff members of HoN <3

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Thanks to  @ElementUser especially who never abandoned the sinking ship and he did all the amazing work, with balance changes and similar stuff. I wish you all the best in whichever direction you are about to go.

Thanks to @HyperXewland Umbreon for keeping the HoN servers safe together with the DDoS protection that you guys made and made our gaming experience very good.

Thanks to @hegelsohn@`Shattered@Narandea@Tommy@dav787@spylex and few others for keeping the peace via the RAP portal and banning a higher number of players than HoN's playerbase at it's peak.

Thanks to @Lightwalker@Watchwalker@Saphirez for doing a great job regarding community stuff, RCT and similar.

Thanks to @Whyzozerious@RedBearfor making useless avatar mods that almost nobody cared about and some other stuff that was actually semi-decent.

Thanks to @Manu311@Stormerenand few other forum moderators who did a good job moderating the forum and thanks to @MerryHONmasformer forum moderator who got demoted to being a discord moderator, who also did a fine job.

All in all, thank you guys and hopefully we meet soon in some brighter circumstances. ❤️


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That is probably the funniest thing I've read. I guess I don't blame you for not knowing what I really did with FB. I handled all the visual effects for hero reworks, ported over avatars from HoN China, changed the loading screens, did some graphic design for tournament promotions, and a bunch of other things. 

I also had projects that were suppose to come into fruition, such as creating more trophy avatars, halloween map, and other content.

Avatar mods were on the side for people who like my work and RedBear is not a staff member

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7 hours ago, Whyzozerious said:

That is probably the funniest thing I've read. I guess I don't blame you for not knowing what I really did with FB.

Don't be mad. Imagine being one of the GMs, smilie or any other SRCT (or SBTM) who didn't even get mentioned at all 😛

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Hola después de mucho tiempo ingreso al Foro, La verdad ésta noticia de mal gusto del cierre de HON, como jugador veterano exijo a los responsables que tomen en cuenta a los usuarios que nos dedicamos más de  10 años en conseguir lo que tenemos, honestamente estoy convencido de que el mejor juego de todo los tiempos no puede irse de así de nuestras vidas, debe continuar ya sea con los mismos administradores o terceras personas, si hay condiciones de paga o suscripción estoy dispuesto a pagarlo.    

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Thanks to everyone who contributed, either with money or with their time, I have no regrets, if it were to volunteer myself for a similar or another HON project, I would gladly do it all over again!
Congrats and good job to every single employee and volunteer that kept the game up and running, I will still be here till the end!

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Yep, here i am, making my first forum post in almost 12 years...

I am 35 years old now. When i started to play this game I was a university student with way too much time. Today I'm a husband & dad and still love to play almost every evening. I spent so much time with my friends in this amazing game and for me it was the best MOBA out there, with all its flaws.

That beeing said, I also would love to say THANK YOU to the people who are responsible for keeping this game alive and in such a good shape until this day. I have no idea who you are, but im TRULY THANKFUL. This game always ment a lot to me, since it helped me through some tough times...

Me and my friends will make the best out of the remaining time and keep the memories with us for the rest of our meaningless lives :)

I wish you all the best!!


-- a random HoN player 

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