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Magebane rework - servers closure announcement...?

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Anyone else really confused by this? A few days prior to the announcement, a major and unconventional hero rework was presented, then the game is announced to be shutting down moments later - clearly there was still an active development going on.

As echoed in other posts, the HoN community understand the financial obligations behind the game's maintenance, all we really ask is to be given the chance to show what the game means to us - there have been plenty of offers of monthly subscription payments and the likes. It is easy to believe that the game has not been making money lately due to lack of cosmetic content updates or advertising. There is still scope for money to be made - my personal account already owns all the skins in the shop, meaning I have spent a considerable amount financing this unique game and the characters, art and attitude that make it truly unique in such a competitive genre.

It is understood that perhaps holding the reins has become stale - let the community do the work it is willing to and keep the game running, after such a long time and labour of love, surely those at the top must hold the game with their own accord too.


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