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Ichor - Staff of the Master Upgrade

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Been playing a lot of Ichor recently and while playing with a friend he asked why Ichor doesn't have a Staff upgrade. I started thinking of it and decided, why not suggest one?

Much of my opinions on Staff of the Master is that it should make someone's playstyle change or help them do something different than what they were capable of before, but still keeping the core tenants of the hero's design. 

Changes in Bold and Gold



Blood Rush (R)

Cast Time: 0 / 0.45 seconds
A surge of power rushes through Ichor, flooding the area with enchanted blood that slows the pulses of nearby enemies and hastens those of allies.
Radius: 600
Mana Cost: 120
Cooldown: 90/75/60 seconds
Activate to create an aura around Ichor for 10 seconds.
Allied heroes in the aura gain 40 Attack Speed, plus an additional 10/15/20 Attack Speed per Ally Hero in radius and 25% debuff and stun resistance. Enemy heroes in the aura suffer -20/-40/-60 Attack Speed and stuns and debuffs last 25% longer.

Enemy heroes Ichor attacks during Bloodrush have Life Leech applied to them for 1 second.



While Ichor is already a hyper aggressive hero, this gives him a new use for Bloodrush as a way to shake off large scale team debuffs, as well as ensuring that his allies get the maximum value out of Bloodrush during the duration. As it stands there are no heroes that have such an ability that Amplify and Muffle debuffs and stuns and I think it would fit well on Ichor's kit, as he can move debuffs around with Transfusion, make Life Leech last longer, and ensure that his allies get to cripple opponents even through dangerous stuns, slows and silences.

The second part of the Staff Upgrade allows for Ichor to mark multiple heroes, allowing teammates who normally don't benefit from Bloodrush (such as casters) to get multiple Life Leech procs with the AoE spells they cast.

As a whole I feel that this is a unique ability and upgrade to an already stellar hero.

Let me know what you all think.

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