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Where i can find a Dota 2 UI mod for HoN icons?

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Hello, i saw the game will be ending next year, and i would love to play it again just for the final event.

I only played this game with a Dota 2 mods that replace the Item icons (and heroes icons) with the Dota 2 ones.

The only mods i'v found either replace the whole character model, or are just outdated and not compatible with the current version.

The (Nonworking outadated) mods i'v been using were those:

https://zadehon.blogspot.com/2011/11/dota-2-items-icons.html (That mod does work, but also change the name of items)



I tried to make myself a Dota 2 UI mod, but the farther i got was replacing the icon while it also replaced the character model with a teapot? (I copied the Heroes.entity from HON and then edited it to change the icon file)


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