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Thank you HoN, and everything you've given me

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Even though it hurts to say it, my interest in HoN has been dwindling over the past years, it sucks to see what you like slowly fade away and out of relevance. Although this monday was a sad day for me, and probably to all of you, there was some part of me that felt a relief. For the first time in a long time, im able to see HoN as all those good things it truly is. I've loved HoN Since the first day i played it, some 10 years ago now. But as time passed, HoN got increasingly difficult to love. I will not cite all the all the problems i've had with this game and all of you, but there are many, and that's just life. 

I've known for a long time now that HoN will come to an end, and frankly im surprised it even lasted this long 😅 But before this monday, i refused to accept that. I'm very reluctant to chane in general. But after two days spent in pure denial, I've come to embrace this change.

So i thank you who have stayed with me and HoN through all the rough years we've had. It's been one hell of a ride.

But i didn't just come here to write this sob story. But to encourage all of you to embrace this for what is is, a celebration. A celebration of all the good times we've had because of this game. For the coming half a year or so, ill be constantly and silently thanking this game for all the good moments and all the friends it's given me. And i still hope to make more, more who i will hopefully keep with me for the rest of my life. And i wish you all the same.

So what do i want out of this post other than just for my personal catharsis? I want all of you, to enjoy this game with me. The following months should be the best months we'll ever spend in HoN. No "cc15", no toxicity, no "wza heroes". You gotta remember why we all spent all this time playing this game, because we love it. And that's the reason we should keep playing it, till the very end.


I'll never forget this shit game, thanks all of you and i hope to see you on the battlefield these coming months!

Thanks, Snark

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Hi my Bro, its the same for me. Hon evolved more and more towards a grief game with a lot of negative feelings ( inc. the feeling of wasting time and nerves) involved. Mostly people 3 man queing, stomping and permanetly trash talking. The games just felt much too unbalanced and devided by smurfing veterans vs. random ruskis games.  Years ago i had alot of 50:50 games going into late game with alot of tension. Nowadays games are decided after 3 min when  then random ruski died 5 times to the enemy carry. The old times with more balance and stable game quality are long time ago. 

So in the end - although i really enjoyed the game and the ride  - it felt like a relief to see it finally die and releasing me from his venomous hook. 

The thing which really makes me sad is EUHe put so much effort into the game lately and it feels like, if he would have been in power 5 years ago, Hon would be popular by now. I hope he can look at him self like a palliative care physician giving the best possible experience gamewise/balancewise.

Physiker / Pubstompzer 

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I met HoN thanks to a friend, they were playing when HoN started and I started much later. They are not playing now, I am still playing. I've spent thousands of hours at HoN and I'd love to pay for it to keep playing. It's a good game

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