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The Big Bang

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some of you hate me, some of you love me - depending on the amount of alcohol i drank while playing with you, so let's get this subject off the table.


We all know how the universe was created right? the current theory is that 13.7 billion years ago and so on the universe was created. Few of the more remembered physicists were Isaac Newton, Galileo Galilei, Albert Einstein, and some others that you may know depending on the specialty you chose in life.

You know what ties all of them together? They're all dead. You know what is hon going to be in 7 months from now? dead.

You know what it means? That each and every one of us will remember HoN in the annals of history as the BEST MOBA TO HAVE EVER EXISTED ON THE FACE OF THE PLANET.

There will be no other like it, there will be no replacement, no sequel. The times we have spent here, for better and for worse, they will be in our memories, engrained, eternally, kept with us until the day we die as well.

If there's one thing that this event has made me realize is that nothing in life is guaranteed. At any moment, at any single given moment in our lives - everything can change for the better or worse. What you take for granted, don't. Don't take what you have for granted, because nothing is. Every moment you spend in your waking life is a memory, a passing memory. A memory that will not ever repeat again in the same way it was formed. Those are our final moments, after which we will have all moved on - make them count.

And beyond that - don't make only the moments on HoN count, make the moments in your life count, because they too, are to be cherished. 


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I dont want to be rude or mean but HoN was actually was great around 3.0 I believe. Rest of HoN history is crap, you dont see that because you only see nostalgia, the fact is that I dont know any other moba game that had so many this huge mistakes in such short time. On top of that this game would be dead few years ago if not people like me that just kept playing ONLY BECAUSE they had no time, patience, will to switch to LoL/Dota and learn everything from the start. And thats a fact.

I know mana costs, cooldowns and all that stuff and I always knew it's gonna take years in other games before I get to know so much, including builds, counters when the game has 100+ heroes.

As Joker said, "You get what you F... deserve!" and thats true, even tho I loved HoN for short periods of time (only certain phases / patches of the game because rest was unbalanced crap) I must agree with that, when you have just one life, you create something big and then you do so many mistakes, HUGE mistakes, then you need to drink all the beer you just brewed. 

DDOS, Pay to play, pay to win aka early access, drastically increased shop prices, gamebreaking bugs which took weeks to be addressed, HoN 4.0, powercreeping, jungle/sui meta for 10 years, unprofessional workers like msPudding and Maliken, disgusting WZA's balances, lags & crashes & game spikes for years on certain equipment (there was time I was unable to play HoN due to 100+ ping on EU servers and all help I received was "its your problem" even tho I played like tons of other MMO games and had 50-60ping but yea, it's on my side). I could list even more but whats the point. 

At last I can definitely delete this game from my harddrive and move on. 

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23 minutes ago, Ladonien said:

While HoN 3.0 was peak HoN, I think HoN 4.0 got better towards the later patches.

wiat what? You mean heroes like bombardier, bubbles and so on which were raping everything? I dont see anything good about that 

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2 hours ago, ensid said:


Cry more, lol. The game is perfect. I just don't know why they never nerfed tarot and resto chronos and also I played the new nitro for the first time today and went 14:1 annihilation 😄

No other moba comes close. Dota has boring heroes compared to Hon, I seldom have a queue over 3min (the old trick to cancel queue after 3+min and requeue to find a game almost instantly most of the time still works) 

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