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The name of this post basically tells everything. 

Hon has been the most fullfilling game for me, im 29,and im been playing since i was 18. 

Many nights, many days, many hooks, many jukes. 

I've learned some russian with this game aswell. 

I won 3v5 games and i lost 5v3 games. 

I've played Pink and Blue wars. 

My first heroe played was Witch Slayer. 

My favorite heroe these days? Magmus, Devourer, Bubbles, Behemoth. 

Sometimes my friends went for a night out, and i was not in the mood, but for Hon, ohhhh man i was always in the mood. 

Videos on youtube? I've seen so manyyy, top 5 plays, top 5 fails, garena tournaments, top 10 plays of the year, top 10 combos, watching Zlapped, 5678, Angrytestie, Akuma, and many more. 

It's been 4 months since I've played my last Hon game, but everyday i watch at least one video, i have proofs lol. 

Tbh, i think about this game like part of me, because of that, i was thinking in the next month i intented to spend some serious money to buy a computer, just to play Hon. 

Hon made me have nice moments, made me feel good and bad, still what made me more excited was to hear that quote "LET'S GET IT HON". 

This is the effect that this game had on me, an average player who enjoyed his time playing a well designed game. 

So, with all this said, i will end this post the way i started.... 





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