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Is this for real? HoN ends at 20 june

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I have been playing this game since 2009 and i really enjoyed this for me its best moba game ever thanks for everyone ( Players , Admins , Staff , Garena & Frostburn ) for all their efforts and time spent to make us enjoy every single detail its so SADD to say Goodbye but it comes to the End.

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Summary right now  

Well damn... this just completely ruined my day. Honestly, I don't feel like playing HoN anymore as of right now... cause I know that no matter what I do, or whatever I might buy... it will be gone fo

It weighs heavy on my heart to login and play HoN today for the very last time. It has been the game that brought me & my friends together for years and years and im glad to have been able to pl

Hon was part of my life, sad to say to goodbye,

But today, i had so much fun, a lot of twitchers online, no toxycity


if every day was like today, we wouldn't be saying goodbye.

wanna say thank you for the staff who maintain this game for soo long, we know that was not easy. 

thanks for the friends that i made here, in special for SnokBr, a friend for life

Stay strong guys


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thanks for the memories HoN. I couldve been born at a lot of times in history..but for some reason I got to witness HoN and experience it. I know its a small niche game in this big bad world full of probably more "important" things, but it was special. It is a feat of the soul of gaming. The start of this game, I was captured by the mere magical aspects and immersed by the characters. Now I'm an adult who can step back and critique the way the character is animated and designed. I no longer see a character, I also see mechanics. I'll miss the kid that saw nothing but wonder in gaming, who knew of competition but purposely put fun ahead of rank. I mean why get higher in rank when I can just float right below high mmr while inventing new strats? Somehow, even playing HoN I genuinely couldn't understand gaming rage. I think I picked up some life baggage from then to today, that unfortunately made me understand now. Because I eventually partook in what I thought I would never.

HoN was the last game I played that I was a true gamer. Playing for fun, and not fueling the toxic fire. Not partaking in what I hate about the world. Maybe I can get back to that. Or at the least, work towards becoming that again. Maybe we all can.

Special thanks to Element User. I remember back when Draconis was being developed, I was a beta tester. Back when he perched on towers. You took my feedback seriously. And a lot of my input. I was a simp for cool new dargon hero. My main acc was Tony`.  Also hung around offtopic back in the day debating about God/origins. And overall thanks for your service while HoN was on its deathbed. Exemplary job, your direction was good.

Also thanks to all those who I don't know behind the scenes that helped HoN last. Thank you to the pro players, streamers, Breaky CPK, and all the rest. God bless you all, and goodbye Newerthians. The time has now come to move on. Travel with goodness in this world, wherever you choose to game HoN.

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I played hon since beta in 2009. I grow up with this game and HoN will remain in my mind forever.

Very sad to say goodbye. I hope all staffs and members will keep this great valuable memories forever like me.

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Thank you guys.

I had the opportunity, the privilege, to play some last (and lost unfortunately) games yesterday, and Goshdarnit will I miss my little Demented Shaman I played all the time (84% of the games!) back  in the day, especially now that I played it again.

The announcers were gold too, I'm glad I found a way to extract them from the game files.

Good luck on your next adventures!

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I tried to play a last game now, sad to say I couldn't 😞

Player since 2011, good years where I could just log in and play a quick match to freshen up.


Now what? LOL is to slow on moves. They could at least left us the server code so we could make it live longer 😕

Farewell! GG!!

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Hi good folks 

HON has been the only game that I have played and I will missed it a lot.. 

I know there might been some rotten eggs but luckily the majority of the community has been awsome. 

It has been my pleasure, I wish you all the best! Good luck in life and may prosperity always be with you. 


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