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Tarot - The Luckshot

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So in General Tarot is a really cool design and the concept of the ultimate build-in damage/crit dealer is pretty unique.

However, atleast within higher brackets, i do not see her picked or if she is mostly getting stomped. 

In my eyes her biggest drawback is that she lacks multiple factors at once, which other (squish agility) carries do not have:

- No escape / Disjoint / mobility / Space creator ability (in comparison to: Chronos, Scout, Bushwack...)

- No spell against anti-Magic Burst (in comparison to: Pred, Anachra, SB)

- No flashfarming ability (Fa)

- Kongor Kill mechansim (Bushwack)

While a chronos can concentrate on farming items as he has Q and R for escape and a Fa can concentrate on sustainability cause she has a flashfarming ability, I feel that tarot needs a sustainability, health, mobility and farming items at once. 

Often i feel that if i go stats/health the enemy carry just outfarms, while if i go farming / alche tools she is getting stomped too easily (especially by enemy shortlaners 1vs1 such as  scout / SW / Sb). It feels like she needs absolute freefarm for 25min to get the relevant set of 4 items and to be relevant. 

Maybe we could tune her in one of the above mentioned respects without making her OP:

Option 1: Make her "Q" do slightly more dmg vs. creeps. This way going for a nullstone would give her the option to increase her survivability, while being able to spam "Q". This way she wouldn't require an additional flashfarming tool. 

Option 2: Make her "R"  toogleable: OFF: Standard ulti as it is. ON : Crit option is disabled. Instead 75, 150, 225 + 100% Agility are blocked  as premigation dmg if a single hero deals more then 75% dmg in 5 seconds to her. After activation the Ulti goes on cd for 5 sec and then gives crit again. 






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She is one of my go to characters on EU server for high rated games. Well used to be, considering I don't play EU at all anymore or tarot. Shes easy to play and ping really isn't much of a factor. With that being said. . . 

Tarot is an A Tier carry, her crits alone can make or break a match.

Alot of people are having trouble because as you mentioned she can't flash farm. While you're not wrong perhaps you should treat her as like you would a puppet master. You'll find very positive results going Mask of Madness Shroud and Shrunken and just destroying mid-game. If you're preceptive you should always try to gank with ur bind. It'll most likely land you kills that you are not expecting. Not to mention how safe you can play with ur forget what the ablitiy is called her E I think? 

You can also win most dual lane match ups because her spells are actually pretty powerful if used correctly. Unless you get magmus/midas combo'd you're unlikely to die; or even lose the lane.

You can also build thunder claw, its more farm orientated if the enemy team is on the defensive. But HoNestly i've had the most success running Ghost Madfreds MoM or Shourd or Shruekn, no particular order for the last three items [probably MoM if I'm looking for early farm] I also like getting a quick symbol of rage.


I think your problem is that your not looking for opportunities to secure kills and playing more of a passive game. When in fact you should be pretty active (think nomad, puppet master etc) you can still do the farm game, but i've had less success that way.

As for your suggestions, I personally don't see the reason to make any changes to her. Maybe with your option 1, but option 2 seems unnecessary. 

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I have seen the Mom Pickup on her multiple times but always thought that this is even more counterintuitive, regarding her 700hp early on. But the glasscanon build is the only build which seems easonable on her. Dawnbringer pickup on her is kinda bad. 

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if your having problems with your health, try a very fast symbol of rage. I used to get it around 25 or 30 minutes? That will help you survive team fights as if you were late game with symbol of rage. Its been awhile since i've played tarot but i did both the mom and tc builds.

Ghosts, Madfreds, Whispering, TC, Shruken, Symbol, Shroud,

Ghosts, Madfreds, MoM, Shruken or shroud, Shruken or shroud, genjuro

those were the main builds i used, dependant on situations

I could see since this is recent but i havent tested

Ghosts, Madfreds, Whispering, Faux Bow, Shield Breaker, Shruken, Symbol


Ghosts, Madfreds, Whispering, Faux Bow, shroud , Shruken, Symbol,

all relatively cheap items; centered around playing mid game.

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