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Bombadier Q should give vision a little before it reaches target

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6 minutes ago, Jabawoogie said:


Thought I might've missed the bomb so I instantly activated it, because I had no idea it landed on BS.



Hate to break it to you, but it already does this whether it lands on a hero or not. You were too fast & the game takes a bit more than a frame to update vision. Vision only updates every 2-3 frames or so.

I'm sensing a pattern in your requests....you're very reliant on vision for what you like to do. Maybe you can exercise just a tad more patience next time with Bombardier's Sticky Bomb.

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I shouldn't artificially introduce vision mechanics like that just because you requested it 🙂

What I could do, but still won't actually do is give vision on the Sticky Bomb projectile while it is travelling. However, this still won't grant proper vision 100% of the time near the landing location when you want it to, because of the game's vision update frequency like I said before, so the behaviour will still be inconsistent. And no, I'm not spawning a vision gadget at the landing location momentarily before it actually hits - no other projectile does that.

In short, this is how the game works since it was developed & you'll just have to adapt & deal with it.

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