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Game changer.

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Hello heroes of Newerth! I propose today something that can change the landscape of MoBa's and re invigorate HoN and S2 to the top of gaming like you were in my heart back in 2012 when I could play your game for 8+ hours a day without ever thinking of loading another game instead.


Imagine a new idea for HoN... a New map.


All the heroes we know and love with slight tweaks if needed for balance, but imagine a larger map 50 or more players all land in random spots based on the type of hero they select with changing landscapes, desutrctable environments that drop loot, harvest resources to heal and buff spells and add other mobility talents into the gameplay, maybe a total of 5-8 skills rather than 4.


A battle royale MoBa? I'm sure its been thought of before but what if S2 did it with their own creative freedoms! I think it'd be an amazing game mode with endless replayability, especially if you have seasons, seasonal titles based on what % of the top of the ladder you're in with the top 0.5% getting Hero of Newerth title prefix or suffix depending on the hero you're playing, cosmetic rewards including skins and skill modifiers that drop from random crates after winning matches. Solo mode and 3v3/5v5 versions? Just an Idea I had after thinking about HoN today and remembering how much fun I had playing it from 2012-2014 then finally getting into a different title at that time... I still miss HoN and would love a reason to come back and play, I tried recently but people are too good and im too bad now lol... anyways thats my idea hope something comes of it, if not its okay too Hope you're all having fun

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