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Magebane rework discussion

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As a player who have been playing this game for years and with a lot of gameplay experience , after playing around 20 games of new reworked magebane and trying him with and without farm

- If you are playing magebane short without cleaver attempt farm , regardless of teamfights , you will get outfarmed ( whole redesign was to make him active ) . So short farming hard carry is now really weak ( compared to other better heroes ) 

- If you are playing him mid lane ( Same goes for this , you have a really weak hero midlane , even i would not be able to carry the game in low brackets with this hero ) 

- If you play him suicide , he aswell is really weak at the moment ( a lot of better heroes ) . 

Long story short : He has low attack speed ( his Q does not synergy with the hero anymore - suggestion : Add active drain ability on jump with a silence + slow instead of passive ability ) 

W - Increase range a bit , remove damage ( give mana burn effect instead of damage ) the hero is " Magebane " and should be counters to mage's , but if you jump lvl 6 on a pyromancer or ws , you're ending up dead. 

E And R i have no objections at the moment. 

Current magebane is a troll pick up in solo quees ( no offense ) , but seriously thought , new magebane with current rework is really . 

I Strongly advice you to return magebane to his previous version , it may have low winrate because of people not knowing how to play him. I've outcarried more games with him where people had more farm than me. Hero has speed , now with rework i simply can't seem to find him a good role nor playstyle. 

I Hope my suggestion helps.

Regards , DellOptiplex

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Please post your thoughts in this thread (which already exists prior to you making this new one): 


I already outlined potential changes there that will resolve his problems.

He will NOT be returning to his old iteration. The reason for that is outlined in the patch notes.

Also, despite Magebane being currently underpowered, his play rate increased by more than 2x. So let that sink in.

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