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Potential game breaking bug involving Prophet, Parasite and possibly magebane

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Since there have been some changes to both Prophet and Magebane this warrants some investigation:

This is regarding the game played on EU server on 2021-12-07 (or 08 depending on timezone) with game ID 162672996. At the timestamp 10:25 parasite ulties a magebane and transfer the persecution spell to Magebane while stealing Invigorate. The ulti brings Magebane 1 attack from dying. When Parasite with his melee attack then hits Magebane Prophet gets an unexplainable deny on Magebane. I was playing Prophet and I did not auto attack Magebane to get the deny, this is also clearly shown in the replay. Everyone was surprised at what happened.

I have not been able to replicate it in practise mode so I cannot be more specific. Obviously this can be game breaking if it is easy to replicate.

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