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In-game Rewards - Silver & Experience

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Game Maps

Forests of Caldavar

Win +?? exp +8 silver / Loss +?? exp +6 silver

Win +?? exp +8 silver / Loss +?? exp +6 silver


Picture of reward window(Link)

Game A Day
Play one game and a 20 hour cooldown of reward starts.
After 20 hours another cooldown of 24 hours start within which you can get a new reward and stack it.
Default +20 exp +8 silver | stacking +2 silver each day up to a max of +25 silver
Forests of Caldavar only

Consecutive Bonus
+2 silver second game | stacking +1 silver each game up to (25?)
Forests of Caldavar only

Social Bonus
Forests of Caldavar only


Killstreaks Bonuses
Forests of Caldavar only

Detailed Progress Bonuses
Goals for reward:
Wins 50
Kills 250
Assists 250
Wards 50
Smackdowns 10
Ranked Forests of Caldavar only

Legacy Bonus - Static +2.
A legacy account is an account that was purchased before Heroes of Newerth changed to the free-to-play model.
Forests of Caldavar only

Ursa Silver Bonus Multiplier
All rewards except account level-up will be multiplied with your current multiplier. x1.2, x1.4, x1.6, x1.8, x2.0
Works on all maps

Account Level-up
When reaching the for each level increasing experience goal you receive a for each level increasing silver reward.

Experience goal and silver reward:
1400 exp for +6 silver at level 5
2700 exp for +12 silver at level 6
7700 exp for +18 silver at level 11
13500 exp for +24 silver at level 16
27500 exp for +30 silver at level 23


The most effective consistent way I found of earning silver is to have several sub-accounts and simply play one Game A Day to stack up to +25 silver on each different sub-account. This will give you win/loss +29 / +31 silver per game & account played.

To add to it you can use the following
Social Bonus
+4 / +10 silver

Ursa Silver Bonus Multiplier
Multiplies silver by x1.2, x1.4, x1.6, x1.8, x2.0.

I won't list all the occasional bonuses that you can read about above but they can be used as well (Forests of Caldavar only).

Picture of reward window(Link)


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How would I calculate the amount of URSA Corps bonus silver I get?


As you can see there is the following:

  • +4 match finish
  • +25 game a day
  • +2 bloodlust
  • +2 legacy (unclear if this applies to URSA amount)

This totals 31 (or 33) without the legacy, clearly not a multiple of x1.2 at a minimum for URSA. It's unclear how the URSA bonus is calculated because it does not seem to be a multiple of any of the amounts of silver shown. Can you help identify where the +27 is coming from and why it does not seem to be a x2 multiple of "All rewards except account level-up"?

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