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No response from server

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Hello, this has been happening to me ever since I updated my game to the Christmas patch. I'm in queue for a game, then before I connect to a game, it tells me "No response from server". I would do this about 5 times and then the game temporarily bans me. How do I fix this?

Region: USW & USE

Console: https://www.filehosting.org/file/details/971611/console.log

OS: Windows 10

HoN Client: 64-bit

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Hey - I've merged your threads, since they are about the same issue and were created just a few hours apart.

7 hours ago, FreshJawbone said:

all those times are counting as leaves

They don't. If someone gets "no response from server" when connecting to a game, the game doesn't get created successfully. However since people could provoke this (e.g. by plugging their network cable), it results in temporary bans if it happens to you twice withing a short time.
It should not count to any other "leave"-counter, so the only downside is that it will ban you for a few minutes.

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