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Auto RMB/hold to move

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Greetings! Is there such an option? Can't see it anywhere in the settings, can't imagine any modern top down game (especially moba) without it.

2. Is there a borderless window option?

3. An option to attack the closest to cursor target when I press move to attack (A)?

4. Is it possible to configure bots not to last hit near the player?

5. To drag items with LMB?

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  1. People really use such things? I don't think that's a think in HoN
  2. I only know that I can remove every decoration/border from my windows on Linux, I assume there are tools which allow that in Windows too. I don't think HoN has an option for it
  3. No
  4. No
  5. I guess that's not possible via keybind-options, but there might be a console command which can do this or you might be able to mod it. However Idk of either
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