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HoN 64 Bit - AMD Rzyen Virtualization (SVM) | Login Forbidden

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So I've been here since alpha, planning to play this game till I die, or the game dies, whatever comes first 🙂

I've bought a new rig, and started using the 64 bit client.

I use this PC for many things that required virtualization (including but not limited to) :

  • docker
  • linux subsystem for win

These are quite essential for my life/work so disabling virtualization is not an option.

I've read that you are planning to do a case-by-case solution for whomever has this problem so, here I am 🙂 please do something, help me, something.


Response is really appreciated,


IloveU aka `Khaleesi

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Problem is that AMD is not using HyperV 🙂 that is an Intel technology.

And I am not running anything virtually on the machine except for the stuff i have to, docker images, kube local cluster etc, but the game runs on the host machine. Windows 10 Home

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Jesus, that is rough. I understand that smurfs abusing the matchmaking are ruinous for the community, but shouldn't the game being playable on modern technology be the absolutely utmost priority? You basically just told him that he's out of luck because he's using the AMD brand. That's insane!

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