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Having some weird issues;

1. Can't login. If i continue to retry, i can eventually get in though.

2. Can't connect to chat servers / MM. Again, if i continue to log in and out (annoying due to issue #1), then it will sometimes connect.

3. Really jumpy / laggy game. If i can get past issue #1 and #2, then the game is really jumpy / laggy, even though my ping shows as fine.

4. Alt avatars missing entirely. On hero select and/or hero info, i cannot see any alt avatars.

I've done speed tests, and played other games while this is happening, and all is fine in terms of internet.

The interesting part is that if I connect to my VPN, the issues seems to go away.

Could my ISP be blocking something here?

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The reason for vpn fixing this is probably the route your packets take. You're arbitrarily forcing the packets to go to your vpn-host first, so the route your packets take can be totally different.

If you want to fix #2 without having to go through #1 over and over, you can open Console (Ctrl+F8) and type "ChatConnect" into it.

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