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Artesia Master Staff Ult

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This needs to be slightly nerfed. The rate at which it can be moved again is ridiculous. With staff, it last 20 seconds, with a 50 second cool down, so its always hitting us. We were dying in the well constantly, as this pylon of death stalks us across the map. It has a slow effect Because it can migrate so fast, we cant hit the 5-6 times required to kill it. This wasnt a game of Midwars, in FOC this ult with staff can stalk players and if you are melee, cinema hd good luck, just move the pylon into the trees, and continue to hit you, tp, no worries, move it to the fountain and finish off the player. So it needs to require less hits to kill, or increase the cool down on the rate the pylon can move.

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