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Would it be possible in the future to allow us to separate midwars as an option in view stats.

Currently, under "Match History" Tab, midwars game stats show up in the "others" category. 


If we could have our own category it would be great. Since there is already a public game stats option, can we just remove the Pub game stats from showing up in "Others" category and rename "Others" to "Midwars"?


As for the "View Stats" Tab, if we could remove casual and add midwars, swap out PSR for MMR, but keep the rest of the summary page filled with Midwars stats.



Players who play any game, like having stats to look at. Football stats, Video Game stats, Chess stats, etc. 

I understand some do not view Midwars as a competitive mode... However, like any other game, the players do.

Having stats could help bring in and keep more players. 

These changes may be difficult to implement, but maybe over time this can be done?

Thank you for all of your hard work and volunteering for the game. I understand you all are very busy. Not trying to add more to your plate. I am requesting these changes because I believe this would help improve the game. 

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On 11/24/2021 at 8:28 AM, ElementUser said:

Not at this time (MW stats are not captured, that's why), this is better in Suggestions & so I have moved it there.

EU, Thank You for letting us know, and for moving this to suggestions. 

Hopefully the opportunity presents itself to where midwars stats can be captured in the future. Appreciate you taking the time to consider this suggestion.


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That is a very nice suggestion, but have the regular mid-wars players actually considered what those statistics or MMR actually would represent? Would the data represent a players progress, skill or performance level?


That data would be inaccurate in every way, like the MMR, which give false impressions and wrong conclusions and that is because of the matchmaking system, the mode currently has.

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