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Hi there!  I have got an issue and trying to locate a problem.  So the thing is,  on some specific servers (eu), approximately once a minute an icon of  internet cable head appears, the hero is not responding and runs to base.  It lasts like up to 5-10 secs. Servers 96, 92 ,108 ,78 so far.  Thought  I loose packages, ping -t my provider and its fine.  Also tried reconnecting in console while this lag appears and got this https://priscree.ru/img/529d614b1bf45d.png 

Any suggestions / explanations what the problem might be would be appreciated.

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I think I would try to ping the server ip listed there and check if something happens while getting disconnect-signs.
If the ping increases, it's related to the connection, if it doesn't it's probably something else.

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