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Circe Ultimate on Skrap - Match ID 162561125

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Good day.

In the subject match the following took place (Skrap in a team Vs. Circe on the other):

1. Circe used her ultimate on an "illusion" of Skrap (from the rune) and Circe was able after few attempts to summon Vorax (Skrap's ultimate) at minute 28:20 of the subject game.


2. When Circe in general uses her ultimate on Skrap and she summons Vorax, even after the ultimate wearing out, the Vorax which Circe`s has summoned remains in the map.


Point # 1 is a clear bug, the player even said I cant summon Vorax for some reason and after multiple attempts Vorax was summoned. 

Point # 2 once Circe`s ultimate wears out Vorax should die and not continue to exist till it is out of HP, as if it is a genuine Skrap`s ultimate.


Thank you.

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