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[READ] Try these fixes out before posting a thread

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Before doing anything, see if you can find your issue through the HoN website's Tech Support prompts: https://www.heroesofnewerth.com/support/gamemod


If your issue cannot be resolved, see below for common issues:



Q: "When I start HoN, the console appears and I can't get past it."

  • Solution: run HoN as an Administrator.


Q: "I can't log in!"


Q: "I'm getting a drastically low frame rate (FPS) after installing the game!"

  • Solution: make sure you have selected your Dedicated GPU to be used, rather than your computer's Integrated graphics card.


Q: "After downloading the game, the game enters Windowed mode with the cursor not aligning to the game as expected"

  • You have to click on the cogwheel (top left) and turn on "Exclusive Mode". After that, restart the client and accept the policy (if another window pops up). Then you can turn exclusive mode off, and everything will be good to go.


Q: "My HoN shortcuts don't seem to be working!"

  • Solution: add an exception for HoN's files on your 3rd party AntiVirus. But even better, just don't use a 3rd party AntiVirus and use Windows Defender instead.


Q: "My in-game buff/debuff bar is gone!"

  • Solution: start up a Practice Mode game, then go to Options -> Mods -> Movable Frames. You should be able to reset the positions of your buff/debuff bar and reposition them as you wish.


If all else fails, reinstall HoN. 



Feel free to contribute any fixes you for issues you have personally encountered in this thread. If it is a universal fix that has worked for a good portion of players, I will add it to the main post.

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