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Camera distance  

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  1. 1. What distance should be acceptable for you?

    • I am happy with everything, let it be as it is now
    • I think adding 500 will be enough
    • add 1000-1500 will be the most time
    • I think it is worth choosing from 500 to 10k as it was in ACD and everyone will choose as it is convenient for him
    • I have a different opinion on this, I will write it in the comment.

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That doesn't make any sense. You get more FPS drop the further your camera is from the map.

Closing thread - there's nothing left to be discussed, and nothing will change until there is a good time to make a change.
ElementUser (c)

I won't lie if I say that this is one of the most anticipated patches for most players and everyone is sure that it will be exactly how he wants, that's why I created this topic in order to vote and decide how it will be.

Since we did not receive a specific release date for the patch with the camera zoom, and did not agree on what distance the distance would be acceptable, I would like to hear the opinions of the players here, because this is for us to play here and we have been developing this game for ten years and more. changed developers more than once, I think our voice has the weight of at least respected veterans of this game.

My opinion is in favor of 4 points, for me personally it would be enough to add 1000-1500, but I think that everyone can choose for himself, because not everyone has a 17-inch monitor and there are those who have huge TVs, so I don't think that these are equal conditions when both have a hero on 1/5 of the screen

I also wanted to mention here the bad Russian localization, not that the translation is not reliable, but in the sense that the adrenaline description of his abilities already 3 versions does not correspond to his abilities, it has been altered for a long time, but the abilities are described as old, really all ru left you and there is no one to control it?

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