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HoNR 5v5 FoC Tournament, Captains Pick (8 teams) 22/23 May 2020 16:00 CEST

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HoN Reborn is organizing another tournament!
Dont miss the chance to register your team and join us in spectacular clash of the best 8 teams!
Remember only one team can dominate and be the champion! Lets see who will take the biggest prize and who is the best Reborn team among you?! If you want to join us and participate use this link:



Welcome to HoNR 5v5 FoC Tournament, Captains Pick, Hosted by Knez&HoNR Staff members.

Game Mode: Captains Pick Server:
EU Game Options:

1. No leavers
2. Private Game
3. Verified Only
4. Tournament Rules
5. Casual Mode

Note: You are free to buy any items, go back to base and refresh, farm neutral creeps and use courier as you like.


Registration start: 05.13.2020/14:00 CEST Registration end: 05.21.2020/19:00 CEST
Check in start: 05.21.2020/20:00 CEST Check in end: 05.22.2020/12:00 CEST
Tournament starts: 05.22.2020/16:00 CEST


1. If any malicious behavior is reported, you will be removed from the tournament.
2. Please be on time for your registration and for the actual tournament. You (and your team) will be disqualified on no-show.
3. You and all of your teammates must be registered to qualify for the event.
4. You can play in this tournament only if your registered and in-game names match, otherwise you will be disqualified.
5. You need to be part of our discord and have a role "Heroes of Newerth Reborn" in order to register.
6. Publicly streaming the tournament is forbidden unless you get the approval of Overlord.
7. Check-in is required to play, if at least one of the players dont check-in the team will be removed.
8. In case of DDOS attack or server crash, Overlord or Server Master will make decision how to solve the problem.
9. Team can have 1 pause per game max of 5 mins.
10. All items are allowed.
11. All games are single elimination, finals are best of 3.
12. No insulting team names.
13. One player can play only for one team, using multi accounts to participate is forbidden.
14. All players&Casters needs to be logged in invisible mode.


If game was remaked after the picking phase all players must choose the same heroes. If game was remaked in the picking phase then players are free to choose/ban different heroes.


Total Prize pool: 0 Gold Coins& 0 Silver Coins& 0 Plinko Tickets& 0$
1 - 0 Gold Coins& 0 Silver Coins& 0 Plinko Tickets& 0$
2 - 0 Gold Coins& 0 Silver Coins& 0 Plinko Tickets& 0$
3&4 - 0 Gold Coins& 0 Silver Coins& 0 Plinko Tickets& 0$ each respectfully

See you there guys! And good luck!
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