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Apologizing with a heavy heart

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Hello all. I will make this pretty short as I am quite mortified and trying to forget the past months of my life. 

I was browsing the forums today and in my forum-profile, I am able to see my post history. During which I became aware that I have been on the forums for the last six months or so. I see that it is not pretty. 

From about July until 23 days ago I have had a massive drinking problem. I started drinking when I woke up and all throughout the day. It cost me my job and my sanity. Luckily my family was able to help me seek the help I needed and I have now been sober for 23 days.

I want to apologize to anyone I have offended either here, on Discord or in-game. I have absolutely no recollection of any of it; the posts/comments here, potential things on Discord or any game I have played in that period. So if anyone has taken offense I am truly sorry. I also want to apologize to any staff member who had to deal with deleting posts, comments or otherwise on any platform mentioned before. 

I hope no torch will be carried. 

Kind regards

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Congratulations on getting sober.

If you're really sorry about something you wrote, you can edit your posts and/or write PMs to people you feel like you treated badly. I'm sure most will appreciate upright apologies even if they didn't take your words too serious (this is still HoN 😉).

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Always remember that you as a human are part of the most powerful known race. Without any equal, humas are the ultimate predator on Earth. We have conquered everything in this world and we are on our way to conquer the solar system, and then the universe. 

You have the power to overcome anything you want. You have showed this to yourself with your current sobriety. If drinking is a problem for you, beat it down with your ultimate human power. 

I wish you the best and I'm glad that you have a family that loves you and help you overcome this difficult times.


gg gl hf

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