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Aspect Ratio Update

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I was hoping to discuss looking into updating aspect ratios on this game. This game is getting older and was made when I say 16:9 aspect ratio was very common and the most common by a lot. I think as monitors have become more affordable people have made the move over to wide screen monitors. The standard 16:9 can cause issues for people who do not understand how this affects their wide screen monitors when they have it set this way. The game starts cutting off top and bottom of the game. I have a more extreme version of this with an Ultra wide monitor. My aspect ratio is 32:9 which I understand would be a much bigger ask to get that aspect ratio put into the game so I am willing to try and compromise and shoot for going with a 21:9 aspect ratio. I understand how I can try and fix my issue because I work in IT. It would be nice though if these aspect ratios were updated with current gaming standards. Not everyone knows how to fix this and might get a new monitor and look at this game like WTF why am I more zoomed in and I am missing the bottom of my screen and when that happens you lose your ability to move your mouse course to the bottom of the screen and have it scroll down to move the camera where you want it. To fix these things you have to change monitor resolution every time you play or play in windowed mode...(screw that) or look for outside the box solution that Frostburn does not support like zoom mods. I ask that you take the time to write back a reasoning why this is a good or bad idea for your game in your opinion and please do not say unwilling to handle and close the discussion.

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