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Punk nomad and other avatars that doesnt have a price

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There are some avatars in HoN that doesnt have a price for an example Punk Nomad that is only available for punk play which was announced and only playable 2-3 years ago, this was the event where you rolled something for Gold Coins and u got something now punk nomad was only available through that play i saw a topic where u said u would potentially bring back the war effort i would want u to do something to make it purchasable again something like 999 Gold coins or might even sell it for silver, i mean the punk taunt and announcer is available for the same price even though they were in the punk play, idc if it is a idiotic topic but pls think about it:)

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Apparently the 'Punk Nomad' avatar is no longer available from Plinko. I suggest you head over to our beloved Discord and ask politely in the Plinko section. They change the avatar on the front page of the shop from time to time. You might end up having Punk Nomad on there. There's a link to the Discord in a stickied thread on the forums. 

Good luck. 

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