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Twitch Stream: https://www.twitch.tv/clantons



The ClanTour 3.0 will be streamed on Twitch, starting 15 minutes before first match.

Casters: what_you_got.

The minimum and max amount of team signup required to host the tournament is 8.

$750 + 5.000 GC
$250 + 5.000 GC
3: 5.000GC
4: 5.000GC

Map: Forests of Caldavar Game
Mode: Captains pick
Game Options: Tournament Rules 5v5
Items: All Items are Allowed Servers:
- EU vs EU: EU server
- (BO3) EU vs USE: First Game (EU), Second Game (USE), Third Game (Random)
- (BO5) EU vs USE: First Game (EU), Second Game (USE), Third Game (EU), Fourth game(USE), Fifth game (Random)
- EU vs USW: USE server
- EU vs AUS: USE server
- US vs US: US server

- US vs AUS: USE server
- AUS vs AUS: AUS server
- LAT based teams: register as USW
- CIS based teams: register as EU 
SUB players: 2 substitute players are allowed.
Game format:

Best out of 3 Main Event

Best out of 5 final

Remakes & Disconnects:
Before any action on remaking a game, captains or someone from the team need to speak with the tour admin.
If the game crashes or has been remade after the picking phase, an admin will create a new lobby with AP.
If the game crashes in the picking phase, an admin will create a new lobby and the game will go from the beginning.
Lobby time:
All lobbies will expire +10 minutes after the start time from the schedule above and will cause a Team Elimination

About registration:
All players need to join the Discord server & register in the form on our site to be able to attend the ClanTour. Team Captains will be getting a special Discord role to be able to attend the text channel for the tournament. Sign-ups will close when tourny is full.

Rules and registrations will be found at::



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