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Hello fellow Linux-users,

once again I've tried to improve the linux-experience when running HoN.
Last time I provided you an AppImage - but it broke eventually. Instead of fixing it (which didn't want to work out for everyone), I am now providing an alternative which should be more stable and requires less effort.
The drawbacks stay the same: You will require 64bit linux and manually install HoN somewhere (because repair install can't get all the files).

Sadly there is one additional drawback: Since flatpaks bundle more stuff than I bundled in the AppImage, the total space-overhead is a lot bigger. So expect around 500 MB of additional space requirements.
However there is also an advantage: If run through flatpak, HoN is sandboxed. So even if HoN would be compromised by a virus, it shouldn't be able to do much harm to your files, since it can't access them. (sadly this might also introduce some bugs, since HoN doesn't expect this)

So here is what you have to do:

1. Install HoN (with the official installer) into the directory: "~/.var/app/de.manu311.Hon/data"
    "~" equals your home directory, so it might actually be: "/home/manu311/.var/app/de.manu311.Hon/data" (or something similar)
    the ".var" directory might be invisible - directories that start with a dot are invisible in Linux
    most of these directories might not exist, so you have to create them
    If you already have HoN installed somewhere, you can just copy over those files into that directory. The "hon.sh" file should be right in that "data"-directory, if you did it correctly.

2. Install flatpak
    you can find a tutorial for (probably) every distribution out there on the official page: https://flatpak.org/setup/

3. In a terminal, add my personal repository I created for this to your flatpak.
    You can either install it just for yourself, or for everyone (this is true for the following commands as well - settings will be separated either way). If you want to install it just for this user, add " --user" after "flatpak" - for system-wide installation, your password will be required.
    The command is: flatpak remote-add --no-gpg-verify manu311-hon https://manu311.de/flatpak/HoN

4. In a terminal, install HoN from the repository you just added:
     The command being: flatpak install manu311-hon de.manu311.Hon

5. Now you can run HoN via: flatpak run de.manu311.Hon


I haven't tested this entire setup much (yet), but I think it should work fine (I'd appreciate some feedback in either case).
Some issues that could happen (but I hope they don't - but please tell me if they do):

  • Your HoN-settings are not used (if you had any)
  • Your HoN-settings are not persisted (so you have to change every setting every time)
  • Your GPU is not recognized/used
  • Your sound doesn't work

If everything runs fine, I have these Todos:

  • Cleanup the code and publish it on github
  • Add Desktop-icon
  • Publish it on flathub instead of my own repository
  • Gpg-sign it (I didn't bother yet)


Oh and I think flatpaks can be updated automatically, so you could get updated versions automatically.

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