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F.L.E.X Hammerstorm

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When F.L.E.X Hammerstorm uses his Ultimate Ability, he begins screaming "IT'S TIME TO BRING THE HAMMER!".

Before the bug, he would play his voice line once you clicked the ability, and the voice line would not be able to be cancelled by an issued attack/move/hold/other ability command.

After the bug, it only plays once the Thunder effect from the sky hits Hammerstorm, and if the player issues any said command before the Thunder effect hits Hammerstorm, it cancels the voice line and it does not play.

I know this sounds like a petty reason, but this really bothers me enough to post about it - Because now, every time before I enter a fight with F.L.E.X Hammerstorm, I have to activate the ultimate, wait half a second, then continue my advance forward - This is a really critical moment because it is really difficult to advance into a fight without hearing "IT'S TIME TO BRING THE HAMMER!". It would be great if there is a possible fix to this (and hopefully not a difficult fix). I miss the old version where you could activate it while running and feel the adrenaline rush of "IT'S TIME TO BRING THE HAMMER!".

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