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Can't find any matches SG

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Hello there,

Me and my friends ( 3 players ) been having hard time to find a match in Midwars from around 2:30 PM - 5:00 PM GMT + 7 today  Monday 11/05/2020.

We queue on Singapore server because that's the only server available for us.

At first i thought that was because MMR , but we remember that our MMR are only around 1600- 1700.

Then we stopped after 5:00 PM because tired of queueing.

Then i tried just now around 8:00 PM , queueing Solo two times for 25 minutes, but this time i solo que with new ID which is 1500 MMR, and still couldn't find any game.

After wasting around 60 minutes trying to get game alone , i invited 2 random people and able to find first game after 10 minutes of queueing.

the second game took around 15 minutes though.

Some of my friends from Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia are also reported the same issues. 

Thank you


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