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Community Dream Patch - Brainstorming thread

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Increase tower damage significantly (and make it penetrate % armor on t2-t3), mainly to elevate the risk of tower diving, and secondly for pushers to become a more valuable asset to have in the team.




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All the suggestions I'm going to list were suggestions long before the "Great Player Exodus".  While I don't think implementing any of these will bring any of those players back there's always a chance so here goes nothin.


1) "Language Locking" -  HoN along with the others in the genre have always been known as "RTSMOBA" which means "Real Time Strategy Multiplayer Online Battle Arena".  The keyword there being "Strategy".  It's no secret that HoN has a diverse array of players who come from different cultures that speak different languages.  A lot of players enjoy solo queing or solo que because their friends aren't online.  Solo Que is a cesspool plain and simple.  If you speak English/French and solo que NA the chances that you are matched with all Spanish speakers is astronomically high.  The same goes for EU and getting all Russian speaking teams (saw in a post that Russia is in the EU which literally made me shoot water out my nose from laughing so hard at how the most basic Geography escapes some).  When you are on a team and you or your teammates "CAN NOT" communicate with one another then no meaningful form of "Strategy" can take place.  If you want even the slightest chance of bringing back players then you need to make HoN a "Strategy" game once again.  "Region Locking" is a half measure and honestly a little prejudiced given people move all around and if a South American player moves to the NA they should not be forbidden from playing with their friends/family back home.

2) "Pre-Que Role Selection" -  Back onto the topic of how solo queing is a cesspool.  I can't count the number of times I have solo qued back when I played religiously and I get on a team where 4+ people on the same team all pick hard carries and you are forced into support just so you don't have a 5 hard carry team.  Putting in the role selection will actually give your team a well rounded draft.  If a player breaks away from what they pre-selected in the roles then they get a temp ban from queing in ranked games.  They keep doing it and they get a perma ban from ranked games.  Dota2 has been doing this for a while and it's amazing.  I have yet to play a Dota2 match as a solo and get a 5 hard carry team... well that's an exaggeration... I've had a few games where players broke away from what they selected and all those players got to spend some quality time in low prio.  This will also help with the "Strategy" as previously mentioned.

3) "Vote Kick Feature" -  This feature is a double edged sword.  On one hand it's so useful when you get into a game and you just have that one player who starts off the game toxic as hell and you know it's going to be a suffer game.  Getting that one person out at the beginning can be the difference between a pleasant game even if you lose to a complete suffer game where you know your going to lose but can't CC because of who.... you guessed it.  On the flip side this feature was abused heavily when it was around and I am completely aware of that.  4 Locks will instantly kick the odd man out so they either get much higher MMR if they win and get a reduced loss of MMR if they lose.  This feature I believe has more pros than cons especially if GMs actually review those games where a player feels he was unjustly kicked and his teammates should be heavily punished to dissuade it from happening to the innocent.


Again not saying these changes will bring any players back but it could.  What I do know is it will drastically improve the game as it sits now from a purely competitive standpoint.



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w3wSB Dream Patch

== List of Heroes and Items== 



- Accursed
 - Blitz
 - Prisoner 945
 - Blood Hunter
 - Lord Salforis
 - Night Hound
 - Sapphire
 - Morasux
 - Blacksmith
 - Flint Beastwood
 - Revenant
 - Gunblade
 - Gladiator
 - Witch Slayer
 - Magnus
 - Thunder bringer
 - SwiftBlade
 - Solstice
 - Gravekeeper
 - Rampage
 - Midas
 - Pollywog Priest
 - Demented Shaman
 - Soul Reaper
 - Pestilence
 - Bushwack
 - Prophet
 - Arachna
 - Monarch
 - Skarp


 - Ward of Sight
 - Ward of Revelation
 - Dust of Revelation
 - lyon Stone
 - Scarab
 - Nithil Crystal
 - Marchers
 - Ghost Marchers
 - Steamboots
 - Sacrificial Stone
 - Ring of Sorcery
 - Sorcery Boots
 - Fortified Bracer/Soulscream Ring/Amulet of Exile
 - Iron Buckles/Iron Shield
 - Arcane Bomb
 - LightBrand
 - Searing Light/Frozen Light
 - Dawnbringer
 - Grimoire of Power
 - Frostwolf Skull
 - Bloodborn Maul
 - Genjuro
 - Snake Bracelet
 - Wingbow
 - Nome of Wisdom
 - Barbed Armor
 - Adeve’s Cloak
 - Soul Trap/Dreamcatcher
 - Savage Mace
 - Restoration Stone
 - Armor of the Mad Mage
 - Blood Chalice
 - Energize
 - Arcana
 - Hell Flower
 - Twin Blade
 - Faust Bow
 - Spellshard
 - Sand Scepter
 - Spell Sunder
 - Nullfire Blade

New Basic Items
 - Halberd
 - Mystic Fragment

New Items
 - Duck Boots
(Regen hp/mana while on water/Stealth State)
 - Essence Boots (Regen hp/mana while on water/Stealth State and Buff magic shield to ally)
 - Viper Wand (Poison on hit)
 - Platinum Scepter ( Reduce and ignore enemy’s magic armor, immobilize single target, remove buff/debuff)
 - Slither’s Fang (immobilize AOE and poison enemy)
 - Sacred Relic (Bonus cast range and deal magic damage based on HP)
 - Flayer (Strongest slow and mana burnt, remove buff)
 - Witch Bane Dagger ( Anti-Magic)
 - Spellbreaker Dagger (Anti-Magic, silence on hit)
 - Portal Keg lv 2 (Strength/Agility/Intelligence)

New Novice Items
 - Merrick's Bounty
 - Elder's wood branch
 - Noble's Gift

== Season Tournament and HoN plus == 



- New Season 

 + Player's Rank will be all reset for new season. Each season will have 4 month. There will no special reward for getting high ranked. Player will get special Icon for each rank. Show next to your icon name

 - New system: HoN plus (VIP)
 + Subscribe HoN plus for each month, and get special alternative avatar for the current season.
 + Can spectator anyone without requesting (delay 10min in real time)
 + Super Taunt (Super Taunt no longer be sell in shop). Those who have purchased super Taunt will automatic subscribe for 3 month and half of the refund gold.
 + Mission for each match (basic on your role/hero pick (No special reward, just some sliver coin)
 + Free plinko ticket for every win each day. (Around 5 ticket, i guess)
 + And much More

(* Just my ideal for making some money)


== Map Change==

Re Arrange Map, Both SEA and NA/EU will use the same map. Kongor will drop Token of Life again.

== Tower==

- Fortification: When Active, Attack up to 3 target.
- Tier 3 and Tier 4 Tower provide an +5 armor Aura to nearby allies

Gold Bounty for destroy a tower changed:



Tower Bounty Team Bounty Consolation Total Gold Given
Tier 1  460 150 265 1060 (1325)
Tier 2  510 200 325 1310 (1625)
Tier 3  560 300 440 1760 (2200)
Tier 4  610 350 500 2010 (2500)


Tower Bounty Team Bounty Consolation Total Gold Given
Tier 1  380 200 285 1180 (1425)
Tier 2  460 250 325 1460 (1625)
Tier 3  560 300 440 1760 (2200)
Tier 4  610 350 500 2010 (2500)

* The distance between last hitting/shared Tower Bounty in tier 1-2 was too high. As if it was design for carry destroy it only.


== Gold per Minute==

Old: All player passive gain total 69 gold per minute

New: Increased GPM by 4 for every 12:00 passed. Cap at 100 GPM (item can increased it more)

* This was purpose design for supporter to have more item in late game.

== Rune==


New Rule: 

- From 2:00 to 4:00: Spawn Refreshment Rune and Merrick's Rune at rune area

- From 6:00 to end: Spawn Special Rune and Merrick's rune at Rune Area

* Early Special rune such as double damage, haste give too much advice on gank/last hit.


== Heroes==



- Attack twice when off Cool down. Cool down 11/9/7/5s



- Now Become AOE single target skill. (similar to hammerstorm). AOE 150.

Staff of the Master
- Lightning Shackles no longer reduce attack speed
- increase the AOE of Pilfering by 300, and break range to 300, also cause it reduce attack speed of enemy affect it.


Prison 945:

One Man Riot
- Passive: Now have 3/6/9/12% physical damage reduction
 + Bonus damage each hero remain in 10 seconds if a hero die within you


Blood Hunter/Lord Salforis
- Hemorrhage (Bloodbath)/ The Undying: Debuff Duration cant be reduce

Blood Hunter

Blood Sense
- When Active, passive increase movement cap speed to 700.

Hemorrhage (Bloodbath)
Staff of the Master:
- Cool down decrease from 80/70/60 to 55 all level



- Invisibility: now can only learned at 5/11/16



Staff of the Master

- Crystallize: Allow Sapphire attack Crystallized heroes with 30% bonus damage (auto attack only)



Staff of the Master

- More Axes (add to pre existing😞 -1 Hit require to immobilize enemy (from 4 to 3)



Flaming Hammer
- AOE increase from 25 to 100.
- Chaotic Flame no longer increase Flaming Hammer AOE, instead now cause Blacksmith throw more flaming Hammer to enemy around targeted. Prioritized Heroes. Maximum target is 3/6/9 enemy


Flint Beastwood

Hollowpoint shell
- Mini stun remove. Now cause your attack immobilize the target,(this mean flint no longer cancel teleport by attacking)

- No longer gain True Strike to allies. (still have true strike on self at lv 4)

Money shot
- Now will stun the target in 0.75 upon success hit.
- Staff of the Master: Now will consider as one attack damage from flint (doesn't deal your attack damage but can proc item such as thunder claw, Savage Mace and Hollowpoint shell). Skill is reset if the target die in 0.5s after hitting



Staff of The Master

Manifestation (Materialization)
- Essence Shroud grant 100% evasion in 1 second to Revenant upon cast
- Cast range, chain range increase by 100 to all skills



Criplling Slugs
- The First Bullet will be consider as an attack from gunblade



- Bonus damage increased from 20/40/60/80 to 35/50/65/80 (or 18/25/33/40 damage to ally)
- Splash damage increased from 100% to 85/100/115/130%

* Flagellation is a good harass skill but it doesn't feel hurt in late game like it early . Increase power of Flagellation late game is also give player better reason to pick Gladiator.


Witch Slayer

Power Drain
- Slow the affected enemy by 3/6/9/12%. Wont stop even the target have no mana left.

Staff of the Master
Silver Bullet : Cast Range: +400
* Witch Slayer weakness is always magic immunity, If Graveyard and Miniaturization cant be used, he hard to do anything, Increase cast range of Silver Bullet will help him stay a far from battle field and wait enemy’s magic immunity fade off



- Can move around without breaking the invisible state but attack or cast spell, stunned or silenced will cancel this skill.
- Can cast ultimate without cancel steampath

Staff of the Master

Eruption (Pyroclasm)
- Ultimate no longer be put on cool down if magmus was interrupted in middle of the channeling (like Soul Stealer)


Thunder Bringer

Lightning Storm

 - Cool down increased from 100 all level to 120/110/100

Staff of the Master

- Thunder Storm cool down decreased from 140/130/120 to 90/80/70 seconds. (still shared Cool down with Lightning storm)



Swift Slashes
 - 200 bonus Phyiscal each slash decrease to + 90/110/130 each slash
 - 300 attack speed during slash
* As the resuit, Swiftblade will deal one attack each slash.
- Jumps speed change from 0.4 second to 0.3s intervals.



 Blinding Dash/Shadow Rush.
- Increase movement cap speed by 50 when charging



Staff of the Master

Corpse Explosion
- Now summon 6 Wretched Zombie (level basic on Zombie Apocalypse), Prioritize heroes. Last 8 seconds. 

 Zombie Apocalypse
- Move speed of Wretched Zombie increase from 400 to 525.



- Stun duration increase from 1/1.2/1.4/1.6s to 1.25/1.5/1.75/2s
- Increase movement cap speed by 50 when charging

Horned Strike
- Slow Duration decrease from 1,5/2/2.5/3s to  1.4/1.8/2.2/2.6s

Staff of the Master

New ability: Horn Toss
- Press E to switch with Horned Strike
- Passive: Attack toss the target to air and stun them 1.2/1.4/1.6/1.8s on attack. Cool down 7s
* As the resuit, Stampede now will stun the enemies when he charged through them.

- Increase charge speed by 200 (up to 900 movement speed)
- Cool down decreased from 20 to 14 seconds
* SOTM is all about stampede, Horn Toss is a bonus edition for it



 - Base Movement speed increased from 300 to 305

Golden Salvo
 - Mana cost decreased from 115/130/145/160 to 105/120/135/150


Pollywog Priest

 - Base Movement speed increased from 300 to 310

Tongue Tied
 - Mana cost decreased from 90/110/130/150 to 95/110/125/140
 - Cast range increased from 400 to 500. Break range increased from 550 to 650


Demented Shaman (reworked)

 - Damage decreased from 10/15/20/25 to 11/14/17/20 physical damage per second
 - Demented shaman’s auto attack against Entangle's target increases the duration by 1 second
 - Target enemy is slowed at least 10% movement speed during effect.

Storm Cloud

- Now become Staff of the Master upgrade

New Ultimate Aftershock
  - Passive: make your spell stronger
   + Lv 1: Entangle: Effected units have -1 armor per seconds.
   + Lv 2: Unbreakable gain half amount of bonus damage on self
   + Lv 3: Entangle: Healing Wave heal 3 addition units. Nearby units also receive -3 armor upon taking the damage, last 6 seconds. (Debuff does not stack multiplier)

* Demented Shaman spell require too much mana for a support, his build is always limit around mana, mana regen, max Hp. This change may open more gameplay to him.


Soul Reaper

Inhuman Nature (removed)

Withering Presence:
- Now Passive restore Soul Reaper's Mana by 12/25/38/50 mana per kill. Triple the Amount if it is a enemy hero
 - Max Hp lose per second increased from .4/.6/.8/1% max hp to .5/.75/1.0/1.25% max Hp per seconds
- Radius change from 800/900/1000/1100 to 720/880/1040/1200

New Skill: Dark Path
- Active to gain 10% bonus move speed and leave a trait when moving in 4 seconds
- Trait deal 10/15/20/25 damage per seconds to enemy stay on it
- Soul reaper gain 4/8/12/16% damage reduction while on the trait
- Cool down: 14/12/10/8s, Mana Cost: 75



- Jump range decreased from 1200 to 1100

Swarm/Swarm Wave
 - Reduce armor decrease from -7/-14/-21 to -6/-12/-18 armor
 - Staff of the Master: Wave damage decreased from 50/100/150 to 60/90/120 physical damage


- Strength grow per level increase from 1.6 to 2.0
- Base agility increase from 22 to 25 (base damage does not change)
- Agility grow per level increase from 3.0 to 3.4
- Intelligence grow per level decrease from 1.3 to 1.0

Crippling Dart
- Now target upon two addition enemies nearby the target.

Spiked Dart (reworked)
- Passive  continue gain attack speed when keep attacking the same enemy. Lost half a charge when changing target.
- Attack speed bonus per charge: 6/12/18/24 attack speed. Max 12 charge

Jungle Toxin (reworked)
- Passive applied the debuff on your attack cause enemy take 2+10/14/18% your agility as damage each stack. Max 6 stack (max damage is 12+60/84/108% your agility)
- Damage deal per 0.5 seconds as superior magic damage.

Staff of the Master

- Spiked Dart now cause enemy lose 15 attack speed per charge on them. Bushwack no longer lost charge when changing target. No longer limited the charge





 - Bonus damage taken removed
 - Damage decreased from 80/130/175/220 to 80/120/160/200
 - Cooldown decreased from 10 to 9/8/7/6 second
 - Applies a debuff cause effected units take 10/15/20/25 magic damage per seconds in 4 seconds if there is no ally around them within 350 units (check and deal damage every 1 second)

 - Cast range increased from 600 to 750

 - Effected units take an addition 0.75s initial stun if there is no ally around them 350 units (stun times when attacked by a hero does not change)
 - Magic damage deal when triggered on attack decrease from 50 to 40. (total damage decrease from 150/200/250/300 to 130/170/210/250 magic damage)

 - Attack speed buff decrease from 110 to 10/40/70/100
 - Number of attack changed from 1/2/3/4 to 3 all level
 - Right click to set it auto-cast

Staff of the Master: Allow Invigorate bounce to nearby Shared Fate's ally who within a 1000 radius of each other. Attack speed buff/ Heal to bounce allies have half of the amount.

Shared Fate (rework)
 - Target an enemy and applied a debuff.
 - Debuff Sighted enemy in 30s, and make them take 10/15/20% more magic damage.
 - All spell
and attack from Prophet will bounce to a nearest effected unit who are within a 1000 radius of each other. Bounce Attack deal 30% damage.
 - Cooldown:
 - Mana cost: 50s
 - Cast range: 1000/1200/1400

Staff of The Master

 - Share Fate now have two charge.
 - Shared Fate now can target ally.
 - Cool down of Debilitate / Persecution / Invigorate decreased by 2

* Prophet now is a real Prophet, not a clumsy title who dont even know where enemy is.

* Staff of the Master allow Prophet to heal/buff many Allies each time.

* If enemy stick together, Prophet can easy see and cast Shared Fate to them, if not, Prophet's spell will be stronger on alone target



Webbed shot
- Attack speed slowed decreased from 10/20/30/40 to 5/10/15/20
- movement speed slowed decreased from 10/20/30/40 to 8/16/24/32%
- Passive gain +1 Permanent Agility for every enemy hero die around her within 900 units, +1 more permanent Agility if Arachna killed the enemy hero directly
- Mana cost decreased from 20 to 15

Harden Carapace
- No longer can cast while stunned, but can cast while silenced at lv 4

Precision (removed)

New skill: Sticky Web:
- Have 2 charge. Cool down 18s per charge, Mana cost 50
- Target a small area. Enemy enter inside the area will have their attack speed slowed, take damage over seconds. If the enemy stay inside the area in total 3 seconds,  it will Immobilize the enemy, cause them cannot move and attack. Can only occurred every 10 seconds for each enemy
- Area attack speed slowed: -10/20/30/40
- Area Damage per seconds: 10/20/30/40 magic damage
- Area last 8 seconds.
- AOE: 200
- Time required: 3 seconds
- Immobilize: 1.25/1.5/1.75/2.0s

Spider sting/Brooding sting
- Attack animation change from 0.5 to 0.3 (BAT does not change)
- Movement speed change from 522 to 600

* Arachna’s auto attack was too high without items. All she need is a space to attack. Even a tanker build Arachna can also kill everything. This change to make her focus on her carry role and anti carry. And add more gameplay to her, not auto attack only.



- Now become The ultimate skill.
- Cool down change from 16 to 20 seconds
- Damge reduction change from 35/45/55/65% to 65/80/95%.
- Targeted allies cant have HP below to 1 under effect, Remove Debuff (expect stun) and Heal the target after effect ended.
- Heal changed from 135/180/210/240 to 150/225/300.
- Duration increase from 3 to 4 seconds.
- Target can be killed by taking True Damage.

New Skill: Protected Wind

 - Target an allies to grant them 5/10/15/20 bonus movement speed and heal 6/10/14/18 hp per seconds in 8 seconds. (Heal total 48/80/112/144 hp). This is healing type not regeneration.

Staff of the Master

Cleansing Wind
- Now become Staff of the Master upgraded skill.
- Applied Protected Wind to all affected allies

* Mornach's role was too simple. Her Ultimate sometimes make some heroes become useless (such as Valkyrie, Cthuluphant, Blacksmith). Her skill need to be change to engage player to play her more aggressive.



Cant be picked in the same match with Hell bringer. One of them will be banned when another was picked (Due to having the similar ultimate)

Scavenge (reworked)
- Target a location on the map and teleport to it. Cool down 80/70/60/50s. Channeling in 6/5.5/5/4.5s

Mouse Trap       
- Stun removed, now it will immobilize enemy.

Vorax (reworked)
- Target the area to summon Vorax and stun on the enemies in 1s. Deal 50/75/100 magic damage. AOE: 600
- Player now can use Restoration Stone to summon 2 Vorax.
- Lifetime: 60 seconds
- Mana cost: 200/300/400, Cool down: 160/140/120

Vorax Stat: (now controlable unit)
- No longer disarm tower on attack. No longer instant kill creep
- Take 50% damage from true damage
- Stone Throw (active): Target a single enemy to throw a stone, slow the target in 1.5s by 50%. Cool down 11s
- Heavy punch (Passive): Next attack stun the target in 1s., 50 magic damage Cool down 8s. Attack range + 150 (Only trigger on hero-controlled unit)
- Passive: Vorax’s attack have 50% change to deal 60/75/90 magic damage. Effected building (25% of the damage)
- Passive: When hp below 50%, Proc change increased to 100% but attack damage decrease by half,+40 attack speed

- Move speed: 400/450/500
- Attack Damage: 70/100/130
- HP: 1200/1600/2000
- Armor: 5/10/15
- Magic Amor: 20
- Base attack: 1.5

Staff of the Master

Raging Vorax

- New Passive: Stun all the enemy around in 1.5 seconds when killed
- Passive upgrade: Vorax’s attack have 50% change to deal 80/100/120 magic damage. Effected building (25% of the damage
- Passive upgrade: Heavy punch: Next attack stun the target in 1s., 50 magic damage Cool down 5s. Attack range + 150 (Only trigger on hero-controlled unit)

Move speed: 400/450/500
Attack Damage: 80/120/160
HP: 1600/2000/2400
Armor: 10/14/18
Magic Armor: 20
BAT: 1.5

* Staff of the Master make Vorax Stun stronger and disable enemy more often, if enemy find Vorax is too annoying and kill him early. Vorax will stun all the enemy and give your team time to escape)
* Hellbringer’s Malphas will focus on DPS and damage over times while Skrap’s Vorax will focus on auto attack and disable. You will find Vorax being annoying but not strong in term of DPS.
* Reason to change: Skrap focus too much on pushing. At the same time, took too many gold from creep lane as the supporter and perform a little help in teamfight. The team work around Skrap is also require a special counter team. Sometimes often end the game very fast and frustration. Some Rework is needed.



== Items==

General Change

- Change to Magic Armor: Magic armor now stackable but not from the same source:

For example: You can stack magic armor from mystic vestment and Shaman Headdress but not from two mystic vestments or two shaman headdress on the same inventor

Ward/Potion/Novice Items


--Potion Items--

- Blight Stones, Health Potion, Mana Potion now cant be shared before 1:00
* Disable Use. Require it return to the owner to be useable

- Bottle cant no longer be shared. Target-click to your ally to applied Refreshment buff to them. Bottle's Charged Rune cant be shared.

* No more "one Blight Stones or I feed"


--Novice Items--

+ Orb of Zamos/Grave Locket, Ioyn Stone, Merrick's Bounty, Elder's wood branch, Noble's Gift now will be consider at Novice item
+ Each player can only have one Novice item in their inventory
+ All of Novice Item will have their gold cost at 300, and sell cost 90%
+ Novice Items are the items that help you increase your GPM and can be kept if needed.
Added Novice items in Outpost shop.


Orb of Zamos (provide extra stat for your partner, gain bonus gold/exp from creep kill)

 + Now have 90% sell cost


Ioyn Stone (grant gold and exp per minute, Gain refreshment charge on rune)

 * Active:

- Use on a Rune (Or right-click a Rune while Uncharged) to Charge the Ioyn Stone with that Rune's Power for 4 minutes. This does NOT consume a Major Rune
Gains 3 charges of Power (based on that Rune) that you can cast on allies (with 30% of the effect). Refreshment Rune grants only 2 charges. Dropping the Ioyn Stone removes all charges.

Use on a Rune (Or right-click a Rune while Uncharged) to Charge the Ioyn Stone for 4 minute. This does NOT consume a rune and can be used once per rune.
Gain 2 charge of Refreshment Rune that you can cast on allies.

 + Gold cost increased from 200 to 300
 + Its activation is disable when you have bottle in your inventory
 + Now have 90% sell cost
 + When purchased or picked. Put the item in disable in 3 seconds. It pause the passive effect until the owner is revive/alive

Passive 1: Increase your GPM by 12 and + 1 GPM for every 2:00 passed. Work even the owner is death
Passive 2: Gain 60 exp/minute if there is no enemy units or ally around you within 1000 units. Work even the owner is death. (neutral creep doesn't count). If you kill any enemy unit, Exp passive gain is put on 20s cool down. GPM increased will still working

* Finally, i found a way for this item to be usefull. 
* Design for Roamer, who doesn't stay in his lane. While orb of zamos require you to stay with your carry. Ioyn Stone allow you to run around freely.
* Old Active was not good enough in reality and it doesn't feel like it need to be kept


* New item: Merrick Bounty (give Bounty rune and Supply)

+ Its Activation is disable until 2:00
+ Cost: 300 gold
+ 50 max hp
+ 3 attack damage
+ Have 90% sell cost

Active to channeling in 1 seconds, drop an item in front of you: 55% chance to drop Merrick's Rune, 20% chance to drop a golden Apple and 20% chance to drop a lunar tear, 5% chance for a single Health Potion). Cool down: 45s. Mana cost: 50

* Merrick's Rune spawned this way will fill your bottle 1/3 or applied Refreshment buff. Golden Apple and Lunar Tear will automatic used when picked. Health Potion dropped this way cant be sold.

 * Design for Dual Lane, give you supply to keep your hp/mana fresh)


* New item: Elder's wood Branch (Hp regen while under Tower, grant gold from denied creep)

 + 1 hp regen
 + 1 magic armor
 + Have 90% sell cost
Passive 1: If there is a tower around you in 1000 units. Increased your hp regen and armor by 1
Passive 2: Reduce Exp lost from Denied Unit by 25%. (Exp gain from denied lane creep increased from 40/20 to 45/30 (melee/range) ) (check range 1000 units, neutral creep doesn't count)  
Active: Create a Tree. Twice The duration of Blight Stone when consume that tree. Cutting or destroy that tree will grant you 20 gold. Cooldown: 60s. Mana cost: 5


* New item: Noble's Gift (Old Merrick's Bounty)

 + 3 Primary Stat.
 + 0.3 mana regen
 + Have 90% sell cost
Passive 1: Gain a charge for every 10 seconds if there is a non-neutral enemy units within you 1500 units. Max charge is 6. Each charge worth 5 gold. Automatic active when reached max charge. Charge will be consume if you kill a enemy units and put the items in 20s Cool down.
Active: Consume all the charge and gain gold equal to its value. Cooldown 3s

* Old Merrick's Bounty with little change. I think the items work fine as the novice items



Ward of sight

- Purchase cost reduce from 100 to 25
- Time require for each stock decrease from 2.5 minutes to 2 minute.


Ward of Revelation

- Purchase cost decrease from 100 to 75
- Max stock increase to 10
- Life time increase from 3 minutes to 4 minutes


Dust of Revelation

 - Purchase cost decrease from 200 to 100
 - Now purchase One Dust of Revelation each time (change from 2)

Normal/Upgrade Item



 + 50% mana regen changed to +0.6 mana regen


Nihil Crystal

 + 0.5 mana regen decreased to +0.35 mana regen

* Nihil Crystal give too much mana regen on laning phase with a very cheap cost.



+  Bonus movement speed increase from 45 to 50


Ghost marchers

+ Bonus Movement speed decreased from 60 to 55
+ Active: Bonus movement decrease from 20/15 (melee/ranged) to 18/12 (melee/ranged)



 + Bonus Movement decreased from 60 to 55


* New Item: Duck Boots (Hp/Mana regen on water/invisibility, Self Stealth)

 Recipe: Marchers (500) + Bloody Ruby (550) + Wind whisper (200) + Guardian Ring (175) = 1425 gold

 + 60 movement speed
 + 2 Armor
 + 175 max hp
 + Passive: While you are on water or in Invisibility state, Gain+ 8 hp regen and + 2 mana regen, +15 move speed
 + Active: applied Stealth to self for 5 second, 1s fade time. Mana Cost: 5, Cool down: 14s

* Passive work with riptide's The Perfect Storm and Invisibility Rune. (20% passive effect on Night hound, Scout)

* Can be upgrade to Essence Boots.

* Support Boots, Can be compare with Strider in different way. For example: Give Magmus this Boots while using steambath


* New Item: Essence Boots (Hp/Mana regen on water/invisibility, Grant Stealth and Magic Shield)

 Recipe: Duck Boots (1425) + Scarab (325) + Recipe (450) = 2200 gold

 + 70 movement speed
 + 2 Armor
 + 200 max hp
 + 1 mana regen
 + Passive: While you are on water or in Invisibility state, Gain+ 12 hp regen and + 2.5 mana regen, +20 move speed
 + Active: Target an ally. Grant them a magic shield that absorb 200 magic damage, applied Stealth for 6 second, 0.7s fade time. Mana Cost: 60, Cool down: 14s. Cast range: 400

* Passive work with riptide's The Perfect Storm and Invisibility Rune. (20% passive effect on Night hound, Scout)

* Passive Bonus regeneration and Move speed only work on you, target ally gain Stealth and magic shield only. Great to save ally by giving them a chance to hide and run.

* Purpose design for Ring of Teacher early game but require to disassemble the item. However the cost is decent but the combine items is cheap

* My Finest Creation


Sacrificial Stone

 + Max Charge Increased from 15 to 20


Ring of Sorcery:

 Recipe Change to: Amulet of Exile (465) + Ether Jewel (450) = 915 gold

 + Bonus Max Mana decrease from 250 to 100

 + Active: Replenishes 135 Mana decrease to 90 Mana to targets in radius

 + Cool down decrease from 33s to 28s


Sorcery Boots

 Total Cost decrease from 1915 to 1415 gold

 + Bonus Max Mana decrease from 250 to 150

 + Active: Replenishes 165 Mana decrease to 130 Mana to targets in radius

 + Cool down decrease from 33s to 28s


Fortified Bracer/Soulscream Ring/Amulet of Exile

- Sell cost increased from 50% to 75%


Iron Buckles

 - Damage block decrease from 20 to 12 ( 8 to ranged heroes)


Iron Shield

 - Recipe change from 2x duck boost to Duck boost + Mark of the Novice
 - Proc chance decrease from 100% to 80%

 - Damage block decrease from 20 to 16 (12 to ranged heroes)
 - The chance to block damage is 50% when attacked by non-hero controlled units.
 - Stat change from +8 agility to + 4 to agility and intelligent


New Basic Item

Halberd (1000)
+ 40% change to deal 40 bonus magic damage
+ Illusion deal 33% of the damage


New Basic Item

Mystic Fragment (650)
- Passive ignore the enemy's magic armor around you 1000 units by 1.5 magic armour. Does not stack. Only the highest number is working


Arcane Bomb
- Now require targeting the enemy or ally. Player can target self to destroy trees for clear vision.
- Recipe Change to Bloody Jewel (550) + Ringmail (450)+ Recipe (900) = 1900
- + 180 max mana change to +4 armor

 * A little downside for arcane bomb, and because the items was most purchased from support. The armor will be a great bonus survival to them for exchange


- Now have Cool down Reduction 5%
- Searing Damage decreased from 9 to 3
- Max Searing stack increased from 2 to 4


Searing Light/Frozen Light
- Now have Cool down reduction 10%
- Searing Damage decreased from 13 to 4
- Max Searing stack increased from 2 to 4


- Now have Cool down reduction 15%
- Searing Damage decreased from 15 to 5
- Max Searing stack increased from 2 to 4

- New Passive: Increase movement cap by 25


Grimoire of Power (Cool down reduction, bonus damage to creep and heroes)
- Cool down reduction 20%
- 20% bonus spell damage against non-heroes controlled units
- Activation change from +30% spell damage to + 20% All spell damage  (mean both physical and magic spell damage will be boosted)


Frostwolf skull
- Activation's Effect now applies - 80% healing and regeneration effect. (auto attack wont applied this effect)


Bloodborn Maul (Self HP regeneration and Bonus damage upon taking damage)

- Recipe change to:  Axe of the Malphas (3200) + Gloves of the Swift (500)  + Hallberd (1000) = 4700 gold
- Now have +20 attack speed
- Min charge is 20.
- New Addition Passive: Increased self HP regeneration by 30%

New Active: Increase your max Hp by 400 (mean you will be healed 400 hp). Cooldown of 3 seconds is applied to Bloodborn Maul if damaged by a player controlled unit.
 + Mana cost: 200, Cooldown: 30s



No longer can be Disassemble
 - Now require recipe (100)
 - inflicts movespeed slow on hit decrease from 55% to 40%
 - Next attack damage increase from 125 to 150
 - Bonus agility decrease from 30 to 25
 - Bonus damage increase from 35 to 40
 - Bonus attack speed increase from 20 to 25


Snake Bracelet:

- Evasion decrease from 25% to 20%


Wingbow: (Evasion and unit walking)

 - Evasion increase from 33% to 35%
 - Agility increased from 30 to 35
 - No longer give attack range to ranged hero and move speed bonus to melee heroes
 - On/Off Unit walking (to all heroes)


Nome of the wisdom. (Provide vision)

- Can only purchase two Nome each teams
- Recipe cost change from 150 to 350
- Heal Percent increased from 30% to 35%
- New active skill
- Cool down 300s: Target a location and grants 1000 clear vision for 5 seconds. Cast Range. Global. Grant you assistant if the enemy die within the area (in 8 seconds). Enemy can see this effect.


Barbed Armor
- Passive Reflect 30 physical attack to attacker

* You can use this to farm neutral creep faster


Adeve's Cloak
- Automatic active Adeve's Cloak when your Hp drop below 20% when taking lethal damage from controlled player units ( non-lethal damage such as spell sunder wont active it)
 - Incoming damage Reduction increased from 15/40 to 25/50
 - Debuff and stun duration reduction increase from 15/40 to 25/50
 - Remove debuff on self (expect stun) at lv2.
 - Cooldown refresh when upgrade from lv 1 to lv 2
 - Cooldown is increased from 80 to 100

* I tried to re calculator the damage but give up. i dont think 300 damage require for early game is fine.


Soul Trap
Old: Pretender's Crown (165) + Minor Totem (50) + Recipe (485) = 800
New: Pretender's Crown (165) + Scarab (325) + Recipe (310) = 800
 + 3 All Stat decrease to +2 All Stat
 - Now have +0.8 mana regen



+ Remove Wind whisper from component items: Total cost decrease from 2600 to 2400
+ 1.0 mana regen
+ Bonus movement removed

* I have no ideal why this item give movement speed. It should belong to Energize and Stormspirit unique.


Savage Mace
- Recipe Change to: Slayer (2200) + Halberd(1000) + Alacrity Band (1200) = 4400 gold
- Passive 33% chance to deal 140 physical damage change to 66% change to deal 100 physical damage
- 30 attack speed
- Bonus attack damage decrease from 64 to 50
- Mini stun removed.

* The reason why Proc chance is low was because the mini stun. Now Mini stun remove. Happy no RNG required


Restoration Stone
- Recipe change to: Sustainer (1700) + Perpetual Cogwheel (1325) + Luminous Prism (1500) + Recipe(325) = 4850 gold
Stat Changed to:
+ 5hp regen
+ 300% mana regen
+ 10 damage
+ 20 intelligence

- Maximum cooldown decreased from 210 to 180

* Who need attack speed for this item? Just give us more mana regen 😞

* Armor of the Mad Mage (Rework). (Strong Survival items, reduce enemy's magic defense)

Recipe change to: Shaman Headdress(2050) + Snake Bracelet (1100) + Bloody Ruby (550) + Mystic Fragment (650) = 4350 gold

 + 20% Debuff resistance
 + 10 magic armor
 + 20% evasion
 + 200 max hp
 + 12hp regeneration
+ Shared Cool down with blood chalice

+ Passively reduces enemy units' magic armor around self by 4. Lower their Debuff resistance by 10%. (For example: enemy will be stunned longer)

+ Active: Increased your max Hp and Max mana by 400 in 10 seconds but didn't increased your current Hp And Mana . Grant you 300 mana. Bonus Mana will be removed later if you dont use it. Mana cost 50, Cool down 25s

* Purpose design for some hero like Parallax, Oggie, Shellshock but can be used welll on heroes who need more mana in middle of combat Like Legionaire or Electrician. The Stat is everything the tanker would want for them


Blood Chalice
+ 50% mana regen changed to +0.8 mana regen
* Shared cool down with The Armor of the Mad Mage


+ 75% mana regen changed to +1.2 mana regen


+ 75% mana regen changed to +1 mana regen


Hell Flower
- Now have + 2 mana regen
+ 225% mana regen decrease to +100% mana regen

* Hell flower have monstrous mana regen for a very long times because its component items. This should fixed it while still giving the high mana regen early.


Twin Blade
- Recipe: change to Arcana(1575) + Quickblade(1000) + Recipe (625) = 3200 gold
- Now have + 10 agility
- Attack damage decreased from 30 to 20
+ 75% mana regen change to +1.2 mana regen
- No longer work on illusion.


Faust bow (give attack range, sighted enemy and attack from afar)*

 - Recipe change to Arcana(1575) + Orge Axe(1000) + Recipe (425) = 3000 gold
 +8 strength change to + 12 strength
 +14 agility change to + 20 attack damage
- Now also grant +1.2 mana regen
+ 30 attack speed change to +20 attack speed
- Cast range change from 650 to 850
Passive: Grant 200 attack range to ranged heroes.

Active: Target an enemy hero, deal 100% your base attack damage and sighted them. For the next 6 seconds or 4 attacks, increased your attack range by 350 and attack speed by 80. Cool down: 18 seconds (This mean you can switch to another target), No longer have infinitive attack range upon cast


* New Items: Viper Wand (attack deal damage over time)

Recipe: Arcana (1575)+ Neophyte's book (1000)+ Recipe (100): Total cost: 2675
+ 20 intelligent
+ 15 attack damage
+ 1.2 mana regeneration
+ 15 attack speed

Passive: Cause your attack damage to poison the enemy. Deal 60% of your intelligent as magic damage to target enemy per seconds in 3 seconds and slowed them by 20% move speed. Cool down: 8s. Work on Illusion

* Can be build up to: Slither's Fang



- New Recipe: Perpetual Cogwheel (1325) + Mystic fragment (650) + Ether Jewel(450) = 2425 gold
+ 150 max mana
+ 150% mana regeneration
+ Spell damage against non-hero units removed

- Now only ignore the enemy's magic armor around you 1200 units by 50%. Work even this item is on cool down

Active to applied debuff to enemy in 15 seconds, affected units will have their magic armor ignored by 50% when taken magic damage from spellshard user . (Use it on enemy who run away from you, Only work on the heroes who have spellshard in their inventory) This effect does not stack itself

Cool down: 6 seconds
Mana cost: 0
AOE: 325
Cast range: 1000

* If your teams have someone who have global skill and spellshard in their inventory, use it. Also work on yourself such as thunderbringer, Artersia, Slither (cast it, run away and use spell)


Sand Scepter

- Recipe change to Orge Axe(1000) + Apprentice's Robe(450) + Recipe(750)=2200 gold

- Stat Changed to
+ 10 strength
+ 8 intelligence
* Shared Cool down with Platinum Scepter andSlither's Fang

* Can be built up to Platinum Scepter (single target) or Slither's Fang (AoE)


* New items: Platinum Scepter (ignore enemy's magic armor and immobilize enemy (single), remove buff/debuff)

Recipe: Spellshard (2425) + Sand Scepter (2200) + Recipe (175)= 4800 gold

+ 15 intelligence
+ 175% mana regeneration
+ 12 strength
+ 200 max mana
* Shared cooldown with Sand Scepter and Slither's Fang

Passives: Ignore the enemy's magic armour (global) by 60%. Doesn't stack. Only the highest number is working

Active: Target Enemy and dispels buffs, Immobilize target in 2 seconds and applied - 2 magic armor in 6 seconds. Target is also Revealed and Sighted.
Ally target (or self): dispels debuffs and grants +40% Movement Speed for 2 seconds.

* Purpose design for caster to hold enemy and then nuke them.


* New items: Slither's Fang (immobilize enemies (AOE), remove buff/debuff, Poison on hit, reduce vision)

Recipe: Viper Wand(2675) + Sand Scepter (2200) + Recipe (325)= 5200 gold

+ 30 intelligence
+ 1.5 mana Regen
+ 15 strength
+ 25 Attack Speed
+ 150 Max mana
* Shared cool down with Sand Scepter, Platinum Scepter

Passive: Cause your attack damage to poison the enemy. Deal 60% of your intelligent as magic damage to target every second in 4 second, slowed them 20%, Cool down: 8s. Work on illusion

- Target a location, Immobilize all enemies within the target location in 2 seconds, dispels buffs. Applied Poison to all enemy and slowed them 20% move speed, Deal 60% of your intelligent as magic damage to target every second in 4 second
- Target Enemies is also Revealed, Sighted and have their vision reduce to 300.
- Double click to cast on self: Dispels debuffs and grants +40% Movement Speed for 2 seconds.
- Cant Target Ally anymore

* Sand Scepter/Platinum Scepter is a single Target Immobilize, can be block by Null Stone. Slither's Fang is AOE Immobilize, it cant be block by Null Stone.

* Platinum Scepter is design for Caster while Slither's Fang is design for Attacker.

* Used Old icon Fenir's Fang but re-color it


Spell Sunder

 Recipe change to: BeastHeart (1100) + Picked Brain (950) + Recipe (600) = 2650

+ Mana regeneration removed
+ Max health bonus increase from 200 to 250
+ Max mana bonus increase from 200 to 220

 * Spell Sunder's debuffs does not stack with itself or activate from its own DoT, include Sacred Relic.

 * Spell Sunder was too good, giving Hp, Mana, mana regeneration for caster with a low gold cost. A single item shouldn’t give so much profit. Now Player need to have some mana regeneration to spam their skill.


* New items: Sacred Relic (Bonus Cast range, Deal Magic damage basic on HP)

Recipe: Spell Sunder (2650) + Jade Spire (1900) + Recipe (450) = 5000 gold

+ 150% mana regeneration
+ 550 Max Mana
+ 300 Max Hp

 - Passive: Increased cast range by 200.

* When you deal Magic Damage to a player-controlled unit, applied a debuff that deals 5% of target's current Health in Magic Damage per second and reduces health regeneration by 75% for 3 seconds.

* Debuff damage is reduced to 33% if you deal DoT damage instead.

* Sacred Relic's debuffs do not stack with itself or activate from its own DoT, include spell sunder.

* An upgrade for Jade Spire, which is required for a long time


Nullfire Blade

 - No longer have to upgrade. Total cost: 3300 gold
 - No longer remove buff at lv 3.
 - Burnt 40 mana.


* New Items: Flayer (Strongest slow and Mana burnt, Remove buff)

Recipe: Nullfire Blade (3300) + Sword of the High (3400) + Recipe (300) = 7000 gold

+ 5 strength
+ 5 intelligence
+ 26 agility
+ 60 damage

- Passive: Burn 80 mana each attack and deal physical damage equal to 50% of the mana burnt

- Active: Target an Enemy. Deal 2x your target's intelligent as physical damage. and continue remove buff and slow the target by 60%ms in 0.5s every seconds over 3 seconds. Cool down 14s. Instant kill Illusion and deal 1000 true damage to summon units. Cant target Self

(A strong DPS items, with the very strong slow effect and remove buff)


* New item: Witch Bane Dagger (Anti-Magic)

+ Recipe: Halberd(1000) + Alacrity Band(1200) +  Mystic Vestments(500)= 2700 gold
+ Deal 40 superior magic damage for each success attack (illusion deal 33% damage)
+ 30 attack speed
+ 5 Magic Armor

Active : Target an enemy. Your target deal 25% less magic damage damage in 5 seconds. Cool down 14 seconds


* New items: Spellbreaker Dagger (Anti-Magic, Silence on hit)

Recipe: Witch Bane Dagger (2700) + Wind Whistle (200) + Broadsword (1200) + Recipe (700) = 4800 gold

+ Deal 60 superior magic damage each success attack ( illusion deal 33% damage)
+ 35 attack speed
+ 20 movement speed
+ 5 magic armor

+ Active: Target An Enemy. Your target deal 40% less magic damage damage in 5 seconds. Cool down: 14 seconds

Passive: Your next attack mute the target in 1,75 seconds, and deal 60 bonus magic damage. Cool down 6 seconds (Muted effect is same the as the silenced effect but does not break channeling). Doesn't work on illusion

(An Opposite of Spiked Bola, but as a DPS item and Anti-Caster like Hell flower, silenced your target and weaken them. Very good item for high attack speed carry like Nitro, Master of Arms)


* New 3 Items: Portal Key Upgrade (Increased Survival after Blink)

* Portal key lv 2 (Intellience)

 - Recipe: Portal Key Lv 1 (2250)+ Acolyte's Staff + (2600) + Amulet of Exile (465)  = 5315 gold
 - Can Disassemble
 - Work Like Portal Key
 + 32 intelligence, +3 strength, +3 agility

 - Mute all enemies within a target location in 2 seconds ( Cant not break channeling). Deal damage equal to your intelligent + 100 as magic damage to all enemies within the target location

* Portal Key lv 2 (Strength)

 - Recipe: Portal Key Lv 1 (2250) + Axe of the Malphai (3200) + Fortified Bracer (490) = 5940
 - Can Disassemble
 - Work like Portal Key
 +32 strength, + 3 agility + 3 Intellience

 - When Used, Grant 35% damage reduction in 3.5 seconds. Deal damage equal to your Strength + 100 as magic damage to enemy within the target location

Portal Key lv 2 (Agility)

 - Recipe: Portal Key Lv 1 (2250) + Dancing Blade (3000) + Soulscream Ring (440) = 5690
 - Can Disassemble
 - Work Like Portal Key
 + 32 agility, +3 strenth,+ 3 intelligence

 - When Used, Grant 75% Evasion in 3.5 seconds. Deal damage equal to your Agility + 100 as magic damage to enemy within the target location


New system: Spell enhance (named Ancient Book)


*A new way to improve your heroes abilities and adding some interesting system to the game. While Staff of the Master/Legacy will add something new to your skill. Spell enhance just make it more powerfull.

- Can only be purchase when your heroes reached at lv 10

- Cost 500 gold. Gold Cost is increased by 250 for each purchased

- Does not require a item slot. Consume it to gain an addition power to your ability. (chose one)

- There will be 2 option at lv 10, 2 option at lv 15, 2 option lv 20, 2 option at lv 25, and 2 more option when you purchased it 4th times (purchase it not picked it free from map or quest)

- At 60:00, the rune will start to spawn Spell enhance Rune in other side every 2 minutes. Disappear and re spawn random again if no one pick it up. Cant be destroy

- A free Spell enhance Rune will spawn at 15:00, 30:00, 45:00 at rune area. If no one picked it up, it will Disappear and re spawn as the opposite of the Normal rune later until someone picked it

- Ophella Quest now will give you Spell enhance one time free use when you completed it. (A BIG BUFF FOR THIS FORGOTTEN ITEM)

 - Killed kongor can drop one Spell enhance (maybe)

- More heroes ability will be added in the future for this item.

 (Normal if you want strongest spell enhance t at lv 25, you need to purchase it 2nd and 4th times. It was design for player to purchase it around 4th or 5th times. And the rest is picked it free form map).


For example:



Witch Slayer

 + Require lv 10, +50 max hp and mana, +15 mana drain and +2% slow ms each Power Drain level.
 + Require lv 10, 100 mana, +0.25s Graveyard Stun.

 + Require lv 15, +20 attack damage, After casting a spell, Attack speed +40
 + Require lv 15, +8 intelligence,+ 80 magic damage Graveyard

 + Require lv 20, +4 all stat, Power Drain restore mana to allies
 + Require lv 20, +8 intelligence, -2s Minimize cooldown

 + Require lv 25 and spell enhance lv 2, +6 strength, +200 AOE minimize.
 + Require lv 25 and spell enhance lv 2, +5 armor, Sliver Bullet restore 400hp when used it on enemy heroes.

 + Require lv 25 and spell enhance lv 4, +6 all stat, +200 magic damage Sliver Bullet
 + Require lv 25 and spell enhance lv 4, +25 intelligence, -15s cool down Sliver Bullet            

Shadow Blade

 + Require lv 10, +50 max hp, 5% Gargantuan's Blast slow and 50 damage Feint's Siphon..
 + Require lv 10, +50 max mana, + 6 strength/agility/intelligence for each corresponding form.

 + Require lv 15, +10 attack damage, +1s Gargantuan's Blast's bonus armor effect
 + Require lv 15, +8 agility, +1s Feint Form's buff/debuff.

 + Require lv 20, +100 max mana, +30 damage stun Soul's Sight.
 + Require lv 20, +10 move speed, + 200 cast range Feint's Siphon.
 + Require lv 20, +100 max hp, -2s cooldown Gargantuan's Blast/Feint's Siphon/Soul's Sight.

 + Require lv 25 and spell enhance lv 2,+8 intelligence, +0.3s Soul's Sight stun
 + Require lv 25 and spell enhance lv 2, +4 all stat, +5% Essence Shift attribute

 + Require lv 25 and spell enhance lv 4, +20 attack speed, + 10% bonus self intelligence as damage Soul's Sight.
 + Require lv 25 and spell enhance lv 4, +4 armor, Gargantuan's Blast grant 1% max hp regenation

Blood Hunter

+ Require lv 10, +1.5 mana regen, +0.5s silence Blood Crazy.
+ Require lv 10, +10 move speed, -5s Feast cooldown.

 + Require lv 15, +6 agility, +5/10% Feast Hp restore
 + Require lv 15, +75 max mana, +3 magic armor when Blood Sense is triggered

 + Require lv 20, +4 all stat, -2s cooldown Blood Crazy
 + Require lv 20, +10 attack damage, + 60 damage Blood Crazy

 + Require lv 25 and spell enhance lv 2, 6 strength, +5% Blood Sense move speed when triggered
 + Require lv 25 and spell enhance lv 2, 4 all stat, grant 400 vision around enemy heroes who affected by Blood Sense.

 + Require lv 25 and spell enhance lv 4, +200 hp, Blood Hunter movement cap increased by 100
 + Require lv 25 and spell enhance lv 4, +15 agility, Blood hunter's auto attack against Blood Crazy target increases the duration of the Silence by 0.5 seconds             


+ Require lv 10, + 1.5 max mana regen +60 damage Cascade Event
+ Require lv 10, +5 strength, + 100 cast range Shared Existence.

 + Require lv 15, + 8 intelligence,  +80 initial Damage Rift Burn.
 + Require lv 15, + 20 attack damage, After used Shared Existence, Attack speed +30

 + Require lv 20, + 100 max mana, -2s cooldown Cascade Event and Rift Burn
 + Require lv 20, + 4 armor, -2s cooldown Shared Existence

 + Require lv 25 and spell enhance lv 2, + 150 max hp, +100 damage Wormhole
 + Require lv 25 and spell enhance lv 2, + 15 agility, Shared Existence deal 40 magic damage per seconds

+ Require lv 25 and spell enhance lv 4, +6 all stat, +0.5s stun Wormhole
 + Require lv 25 and spell enhance lv 4, + 5 magic armor, +400 cast range Wormhole.

(I tried to make Riftwalker become semi-carry again)

Note: HoN is unchanged for a very long times. It need something new, and keep buff/nerf a certain heroes every patch is boring. Heroes always need to be improved, just find a way to do it.

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hello. why not make a fulcrum for parallax behind your back on the E button . it can be inconvenient when you need to return the fulcrum, but you can't do it in a normal way. And grimore of power does not reduce the coldown of the parallax ability (Q). I would like the cooldown to be 4 seconds and not 5 (-20%)

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On 11/6/2021 at 8:37 PM, w3wstarboy said:

Sometimes, i hate using color text in forum. Now i need to recolor it again. Just because the missclick :((


Lol, I can feel you about missclick part.

Oftentimes you can solve it with Ctrl + Z but presumably it'll bring you back too much after several edits on your post.

List of Components:



Minor Totem

Recent: Orb of Zamos, Power Supply, Refreshing Ornament, Shield of the Five, Soultrap.
Change: Orb of Zamos, Power Supply, Refreshing Ornament, Shield of the Five.

Crushing Claws

Recent: Blood Chalice, Fortified Bracer, Grave Locket.
Change: No Change.

Duck Boots

Recent: Iron Shield, Soulscream Ring.
Change: Faux Bow, Iron Shield, Soulscream Ring.

Mark of the Novice

Recent: Amulet of Exile, Blood Chalice, Grave Locket.
Change: No Change.

Pretender's Crown

Recent: Amulet of Exile, Fortified Bracer, Soulscream Ring, Soultrap.
Change: No Change.

Bolstering Armband

Recent: Barbed Armor, Bloodborne Maul, Icebrand, Steamboots. 
Change: Barbed Armor, Icebrand, Steamboots.


Recent: Faux Bow, Firebrand, Steamboots.
Change: Bloodborne Maul, Firebrand, Steamboots.

Apprentice's Robe

Recent: Arcana, Lightbrand, Steamboots.
Change: No Change.

Major Totem

Recent: Codex, Energizer, Sacrificial Stone, Void Talisman
Change: No Change.

Mighty Blade

Recent: Brutalizer, Icebrand, Shrunken Head, Staff of the Master.
Change: Hack, Icebrand, Shrunken Head, Staff of the Master.


Recent: Firebrand, Nullfire Blade, Staff of the Master.
Change: Firebrand, Nullfire Blade, Slash, Staff of the Master.

Neophyte's Book

Recent: Codex, Lightbrand, Staff of the Master, Tablet of Command.
Change: No Change.

Blessed Orb

Recent: Frostwolf's Skull, Geometer's Bane, Grimoire of Power, Null Stone.
Change: No Change.

Luminous Prism

Recent: Armor of the Mad Mage, Kuldra's Sheepstick, Sand Scepter, Stormspirit.
Change: No Change.



Recent: Barbed Armor, Ghost Marchers, Knuckles, Riftshards.
Change: Barbed Armor, Ghost Marchers, Knuckles, Shadowbrand.


Recent: Assassin's Shroud, Riftshards, Twinblades.
Change: Assassin's Shroud, Riftshards, Shadowbrand, Twinblades.


Recent: Runed Cleaver, Savage Mace, Shieldbreaker, Shrunken Head.
Change: no change.

Iron Buckler

Recent: Helm of the Black Legion, Iron Shield.
Change: Helm of the Black Legion, Iron Shield, Plated Greaves, Veteran's Targe.


Recent: Lex Talionis, Shield of the Five, Sol's Bulwark.
Change: Lex Talionis, Shield of the Five, Runed Cleaver, Sol's Bulwark.

Helm of the Victim

Recent: Armor of the Mad Mage, Insanitarius, Whispering Helm
Change: Armor of the Mad Mage, Daemonic Breastplate, Insanitarius, Whispering Helm.

Guardian Ring

Recent: Plated Greaves, Ring of the Teacher, Tablet of Command.
Change: Jade Spire, Lex Talionis, Ring of the Teacher, Tablet of Command.


Recent: Daemonic Breastplate, Frostfield Plate.
Change: Daemonic Breastplate, Frostfield Plate, Infernal Pauldron, Ultor's Heavy Helm.


Recent: Arcana, Assassin's Shroud, Insanitarius, Wingbow.
Change: No Change.

Toxin Claws

Recent: None.
Change: Fenrir's Fang, Hack.

Logger's Hatchet 

Recent: Runed Cleaver.
Change: Runed Cleaver, Shieldbreaker.


Blood Ruby

Recent: Adeve's Cloak, Arcane Bomb, Puzzlebox.
Change: Arcane Bomb, Dreamcatcher, Puzzlebox.

Ether Jewel 

Recent: Adeve's Cloak, Arcane Bomb, Puzzlebox.
Change: Arcane Bomb, Battlemage Boots, Puzzlebox.

Mystic Vestments

Recent: Nome's Wisdom, Shaman's Headdress.
Change: Barrier Idol, Fortuna's Dice, Nome's Wisdom, Shaman's Headdress.

Trinket of Restoration

Recent: Barrier Idol, Refreshing Ornament, Shaman's Headdress.
Change: Barrier Idol, Blessed Basinet, Refreshing Ornament, Shaman's Headdress.


Recent: Arcana, Blood Chalice, Energizer, Ring of the Teacher.
Change: Arcana, Blood Chalice, Jade Spire, Ring of the Teacher.

Snake Bracelet

Recent: Wingbow.
Change: Fortuna's Dice, Mock of Brilliance, Slash, Wingbow.

Gloves of the Swift

Recent: Elder Parasite, Insanitarius, Steamboots, Thunderclaw.
Change: No Change.

Alacrity Band

Recent: Alchemist's Bones, Faux Bow, Thunderclaw.
Change: Alchemist's Bones, Faux Bow, Hellflower, Thunderclaw.

Hungry Spirit

Recent: Abyssal Skull, Elder Spirit, Whispering Helm.
Change: No Change.

Wind Whistle

Recent: Dreamcatcher, Energizer, Stormspirit.
Change: Trickery Aventail, Energizer, Stormspirit, Soultrap, Veteran's Targe.

Mana Battery

Recent: Power Supply.
Change: No Change.


Recent: Ghost Marchers, Plated Greaves, Sorcery Boots, Steamboots, Strider.
Change: Battlemage Boots, Ghost Marchers, Plated Greaves, Steamboots, Strider.


Axe of the Malphai

Recent: Behemoth's Heart, Bloodborne Maul, Symbol of Rage.
Change: No Change.

Dancing Blade

Recent: Genjuro, Spiked Bola, Wingbow.
Change: No Change.

Acolyte's Staff

Recent: Frostfield Plate, Harkon's Blade, Kuldra's Sheepstick
Change: No Change.


Recent: Brutalizer, Doom Bringer, Savage Mace.
Change: Brutalizer, Corrupted Sword, Doom Bringer.


Recent: Daemonic Breastplate, Hypercrown
Change: Trickery Aventail, Daemonic Breastplate, Hypercrown.


Recent: Helm of the Black Legion, Shaman's Headdress, Sustainer.
Change: No Change.


Recent: Jade Spire, Nome's Wisdom, Stormspirit, Sustainer.
Change: Energizer, Stormspirit, Sustainer.

Sword of the High

Recent: Corrupted Sword, Doom Bringer, Mock of Brilliance.
Change: Doom Bringer, Ethereal Rapier, Mock of Brilliance.


Recent: Behemoth's Heart, Dreamcatcher, Helm of the Black Legion, Icon of the Goddess.
Change: Astrolabe, Behemoth's Heart, Helm of the Black Legion.


Recent: Icon of the Goddess, Spell Sunder, Staff of the Master.
Change: No Change.

Pickled Brain

Recent: Icon of the Goddess, Jade Spire, Ring of Sorcery.
Change: Barrier Idol, Icon of the Goddess, Ring of Sorcery.

Perpetual Cogwheel

Recent: Kuldra's Sheepstick, Spellshard, Spell Sunder.
Change: Kuldra's Sheepstick, Restoration Stone, Spellshard.


Recent: Thunderclaw.
Change: Archlight Tiara, Charged Hammer, Harkon's Blade, Thunderclaw.


Power Supply

Recent: Sacrificial Stone.
Change: No Change.


Recent: Searing Light, Frostburn, Dawnbringer, Geometer's Bane.
Change: Searing Light, Frostburn, Dawnbringer, Geometer's Bane, Evebringer, Noonbringer, Shadefire.


Recent: Searing Light, Frostburn, Dawnbringer, Grimoire of Power.
Change: Searing Light, Frozen Light, Dawnbringer, Grimoire of Power, Duskbringer, Noonbringer, Dimlight.

Searing Light

Recent: Dawnbringer.
Change: Dawnbringer, Noonbringer.

Blood Chalice

Recent: None.
Change: Bloodborne Maul.

Fortified Bracer

Recent: Astrolabe, Spiked Bola.
Change: No Change.

Soulscream Ring

Recent: Faux Bow, Knuckles, Nullfire Blade.
Change: Knuckles, Nullfire Blade.

Amulet of Exile

Recent: Frostfield Plate, Ring of Sorcery.
Change: No Change.


Recent: Harkon's Blade, Hellflower, Restoration Stone, Twin Blades.
Change: Hellflower, Restoration Stone, Twin Blades.


Recent: Null Stone, Runed Cleaver, Restoration Stone.
Change: Charged Hammer, Null Stone, Restoration Stone.

Ring of the Teacher

Recent: Abyssal Skull, Lex Talionis, Nome's Wisdom.
Change: Abyssal Skull, Nome's Wisdom.

Refreshing Ornament

Recent: Astrolabe
Change: Dreamcatcher, Sol's Bulwark.


Recent: Dreamcatcher.
Change: Dreamcatcher, Nome's Wisdom.

Jade Spire

Recent: None.
Change: Harkon's Blade, Spell Sunder.

Ring of Sorcery

Recent: Sorcery Boots.
Change: None.

Shaman's Headdress

Recent: Barrier Idol.
Change: Adeve's Cloak, Midnight Morningstar.

Helm of the Black Legion

Recent: Ultor's Heavy Helm.
Change: Adeve's Cloak, Ultor's Heavy Helm.

Shield of the Five

Recent: Plated Greaves, Ultor's Heavy Helm.
Change: Battlemage Boots, Plated Greaves.

Sol's Bulwark

Recent: Daemonic Breastplate.
Change: None.


Recent: None.
Change: Midnight Morningstar.

Runed Cleaver

Recent: None.
Change: Charged Hammer.


Recent: None.
Change: Savage Mace.


Recent: Frostburn, Frozen Light, Dawnbringer, Frostwolf's Skull.
Change: Frostburn, Frozen Light, Dawnbringer, Frostwolf's Skull, Iceshade, Duskbringer, Evebringer.


Recent: Dawnbringer.
Change: Dawnbringer, Evebringer.

Frozen Light

Recent: Dawnbringer.
Change: Dawnbringer, Duskbringer.

New Dream Patch Notes (Separated from previous post because of being convoluted post)



Welcome to Heroes of Newerth

Version 4.1X.X - XX Month 202X


== New Content ==

Community Dream Patch - Brainstorming Content
* Thanks to Frostburn Studio for keeping HoN alive. Hopefully, this content will be implemented in the future one way or another.

== Reworked Heroes ==

Amun-Ra (Partially Reworked)

Path of Destruction

- Stun changed from 1 second to 0.8/1/1.2/1.4 second.
- No longer has damage penalty against non-hero unit.

Ignite (Reworked)


* Cost: 15% Max Health
* Radius: 375
* Cooldown: 13/11/9/7 seconds
- 1.5 seconds after use, enemies hit by the explosion receive 60/100/140/180 + 5% of Amun-Ra's Max Health in Magic Damage and -12/18/24/30% tapering Movement Speed for 3 seconds.
- Non-heroes take 25% less damage from this ability.


* Radius: 375
* Cooldown: 15/14/13/12 seconds
- Deals 15/25/35/45 Magic Damage per second to enemy units in radius to Amun-Ra for 10 seconds upon activation.
- Amun-Ra loses 2% of his Max Health per second and heals 0.5% of his Max Health per second for each enemy hero hit during DoT effect.
- Grants 10/15/20/25 Tapering Armor for 1.5 seconds to Amun-Ra upon activation.
- Enemy units in radius receive -12/-18/-24/-30% tapering Movement Speed for 3 seconds after the end of tapering armor duration.

Ashes to Ashes (Reworked)


- Passively grants +2/3/4/5 Health regeneration.
- Gain a charge for every 10 pre-mitigation damage Amun-Ra have taken, including Health spent to cast his abilities.
- Deals 1 Magic Damage per second per charge to enemies in 400 radius.
- Maximum of 20/30/40/50 charges.
- After not gaining charges for 4 seconds, removes 10 charges per second.


* Cooldown: 20 seconds
- Reduces cooldown by 1 second per 35 pre-mitigation damage Amun-Ra have taken, including Health spent to cast his abilities.
- When off cooldown, applies bonus damage by 12% of Amun-Ra's missing health and grants 25/50/75/100% Lifesteal for one attack.
* Puts the ability on cooldown once attack action is done to enemy target.
* 0.5x of damage is applied to target ally.

Pyroclasmic Rebirth

- Resets all basic abilities' cooldown once resurrected.
- No longer use Ignite effect once resurrected.
- Applies 20/30/40% Movement Speed Reduction to enemy units in 450 radius of Amun-Ra's death location for 3 seconds as an aura whenever he dies.
- Can be activated to deal extra damage for 10 seconds with 120/100/80 seconds cooldown.
- Resurrection requires a charge with 210/150/90 seconds recharge time and a maximum of 1 charge.
- A charge is only consumed upon dying and automatically activates extra damage.

+ This change intends to mitigate Amun-Ra's dependency on health regeneration items to sustain himself from his abilities besides taking opponent's damage.
+ This change also mitigates his burst potential to easily clear creep-wave with no much effort.
+ This change encourages Amun-Ra to branch out his item choice.

Lord Salforis (Partially Reworked)

Mors Certissima
- Replaces healing reduction to heal stealing by 30/45/60/75% but it goes down on how far affected unit from Salforis, up to 0/15/30/45% at 700 unit.
- Healing steal pierces magic immunity upon application.
* Damage still doesn't pierce magic immunity.

Life Tap (Reworked)

- Also deals 100/150/200/250 Magic Damage and heals 45/65/85/105 health per second besides slow effect to enemy units in area.
- Damage on hit reduced from 40/60/80/100 to 25/45/65/85.

The Undying (Reworked)


* Cast Range: 600
* Mana Cost: 100/150/200
* Cooldown: 80/70/60 seconds
- Target an enemy hero to inflict it with The Undying for 12 seconds, dealing 20/35/50 Superior Magic Damage per second and negating Health regeneration and healing.


* Cast Range: 600
* Mana Cost: 100/150/200
* Cooldown: 80/70/60 seconds
- Target an enemy hero to inflict it with The Undying for 12 seconds, amplifying Damage taken by 25/35/45% but healing them by 75% of amplified damage taken.

+ This change solidifies Salforis' niche as stealer of sustainability means and life-death trickster.
+ This change also gives chance to opponent to sustain under the effect of The Undying but that behavior potentially sustains Salforis in return by combining his abilities.


== New Items ==

= Basic Items =

New Item (Weapons): Beast Necklace

- Cost: 1500 Gold
- Stats: 15 Strength
- Builds Into: Arclight Tiara, Infernal Pauldron, Trickery Aventail, Death Claws.

+ This item 

New Item (Weapons): Thief Mask

- Cost: 1500 Gold
- Stats: 15 Agility
- Builds Into: Blessed Basinet, Ethereal Rapier, Veteran's Targe, Crimson Axe.

+ This item

New Item (Supplies): Merrick's Bounty

- Cost: 70 Gold
- Has an initial stock of 1 with a maximum of 3 stocks, and takes 4 minutes to replenish a stock.
- Non-stackable, non-shareable consumable item. Cannot be placed in a Consumable item slot.
- Passive effects:
* Gains 2x current amount of gold gained from Merrick's Rune and applies a single Bottle use effect whenever there is an enemy hero dies within 1000 radius to bearer, consuming this item in process.
* Has 3 minutes expiration time upon purchased, automatically consumed the item but gain nothing upon expiration.
* Cooldown: 10 seconds.

+ This item offers few benefits upon killing an enemy hero, encouraging purchaser to plan on focusing at hunting enemy hero.
+ This item has limited stock and expiration time so players have to decide for right time when purchasing it.


= Recipe Items =

New Item (Protective): Infernal Pauldron

- Components: Beast Necklace (1500g) + Platemail (1400g) + Recipe (600g) = 3500 gold
- Stats: 15 Strength + 10 Armor
- Active effects:
* Self Position - Enemy Units
* Cooldown: 20 seconds
* Radius: 350
- Activate to apply the Bearer 200 Health post-mitigation shield to absorb only physical damage and deal 50 Physical Damage per second to Bearer and enemy units in radius whenever the shield is still there.
- Shield and damage has indefinite duration and reapplication only refreshes.

+ This item provides good EHP against physical damage and its active suits best with high armor bearer.

New Item (Protective): Veteran's Targe

- Components: Thief Mask (1500g) + Iron Buckler (225g) + Wind Whistle (200g) = 1925 gold
- Stats: 15 Agility + 15 Movement Speed
- Passive effects:
* 60 (30 to ranged) deflection by 50% chance.
* Successful deflection applies 8% bonus Movement Speed with 50% Movement Slow Resistance for 3 (1 second to ranged) seconds.
** Bonus movement speed only refreshes its duration to new application.

+ This item provides alternative deflection item and it also helps against movement slow modifier.

New Item (Combative): Ethereal Rapier

- Components: Thief Mask (1500g) + Sword of the High (3400g) + Recipe (600g) = 5500 gold
- Stats: 21 Agility + 65 Damage
- Active effects:
* Target Unit - Enemy Hero
* Cooldown: 35 seconds
* Cast Range: 600
- Target an enemy hero to apply Overwhelmed for 7 seconds, dealing 65 Magic Damage whenever target takes 60 or less damage from other heroes and their owned units. 
* Overwhelmed damage doesn't trigger itself and it has 0.35 second interval in-between damage dealt.

+ This item is effectively good on heroes with damage overtime effect or against enemy hero with high damage reduction.

New Item (Protective): Trickery Aventail

- Components: Beast Necklace (1500g) + Warpcleft (1800g) + Wind Whistle (200g) = 3000 gold
- Stats: 45 Attack Speed + 15 Strength + 15 Movement Speed
- Passive effects: 
Grants an individually timed stack for 6 seconds (2 seconds to Ranged) by a maximum of 5 stacks whenever attacking an enemy hero, granting 1 Armor and 3% bonus Movement Speed per stack.

+ This item provides good stats for mobility and additional health boost.

New Item (Protective): Blessed Basinet

- Components: Thief Mask (1500g) + Refreshing Ornament (350g) + Recipe (750g) = 2600 gold
- Stats: 15 Agility + 3 Health Regeneration
- Passive effects: 
Gains 1 stack for 6 seconds per attack against enemy hero, up to 4 stacks.
* Stack doesn't get generated whenever this item is on cooldown.
- Active effects:
* No Target
* Cooldown: 40 seconds
- Activate to dispel stun & debuffs and heal Bearer's instantly by 20 Health + 20 Health per stack after 1.5 second delay.

+ This item is advantageous than any dispel items when the purchaser can make a good call to use the item.

New Item (Morph Attack): Arclight Tiara

- Components: Beast Necklace (1500g) + Voltstone (700g) + Recipe (800g) = 3000 gold
- Stats: 15 Strength 
- Passive effects: 
* Deals 85 Magic Damage to Bearer's attack target when 0 charge remains, then reset the charges to 2. Removes a charge on each attack or after 5 seconds of not attacking. The lightning effect propagates to illusions with 33% damage (Lightning Modifier).
- Active effects: 
* No Target
* Cooldown: 20 seconds
* Radius: 650
- Activate to apply Arclight effect to Bearer for 10 seconds, sending an expanding ring with 25 Magic Damage against enemy units in radius whenever Bearer takes 20 or more post-mitigation damage from other source than Bearer per instance.
* Expanding ring requires 0.85 second to travel its maximum expansion range.
* Expanding ring follows Bearer's position.

+ This item provides creep-clearing capability by sacrificing some health in return.

New Item (Morph Attack): Death Claws

- Components: Beast Necklace (1500g) + Ether Jewel (450g) + Toxin Claws (270g) Recipe (130g) = 2250 gold
- Stats: 15 Strength + 120 Max Mana
- Passive effects: 
* On attack, applies 3% target's missing health as Health removal per second (Includes magic armor on calculation) and 12% (4% to Ranged) Movement Speed Slow for 3 seconds. (Toxin Claws Modifier).
- Active effects: 
* Target Unit - Enemy Units
* Type - Magic
* Mana Cost: 20
* Cooldown: 20 seconds
* Range: 600
- Activate to deal 10% Bearer's current health as health removal to both Bearer and target.

+ This item provides scaling damage overtime and burst damage with health of both opponent and purchaser.

New Item (Combative): Crimson Axe

- Components: Thief Mask (1500g) + Blood Ruby (550g) + Logger's Hatchet (150g) Recipe (800g) = 3000 gold
- Stats: 15 Agility + 175 Max Health
- Passive effects: 
* +24 Damage (Melee) or +12 Damage (Ranged) vs Enemy Non-Hero Units (Logger's Hatchet Modifier).
* Deals 35% Base Damage when 0 charge remains, then reset the charges to 2. Removes a charge on each attack or after 5 seconds of not attacking. This effect propagates to illusions with 33% damage.
- Active effects: 
* Target Unit - Trees, Gadgets, Non-Hero Units
* Cast Range: 600
* Cooldown: 25 seconds (15 seconds whenever targeting a tree, ward, or gadget)
- Destroys target tree or deals your Attack Damage as Physical Damage to an enemy creep, gadget or ward.

+ This item provides good EHP and bonus damage suit best to Agility heroes.

== Design ==


= Staff of the Master & Master's Legacy Changes =

Lord Salforis

The Undying
- Staff of the Master effect change (new):
* Deals Superior Magic Damage equals to accumulation of healing taken to affected hero per 4 seconds, resetting accumulation in process.

+ This change is a result of the change of non-boosted ability.


- Staff of the Master effect change (new):
* Torment's pulse also expands to a nearby ally hero in 900 radius when toggled on, dealing half damage.
** Silence still doesn't auto-toggle off this ability when boosted.

+ This change helps Torturer's ally to deal bonus damage when they initiate the fight.

Witch Slayer

Silver Bullet
- Staff of the Master effect change (to existing one):
* No longer increase initial damage by flat numbers.
* Deals damage up to two times of initial damage based on percentage difference between Witch Slayer's current mana percentage before cast and target's current mana percentage regardless whose is higher.
** Doesn't deal bonus damage to unit with no mana bar.
** See the sample using quick math here: 

+ This change intends to give good synergy with Power Drain from this note.
+ Recent Staff boost doesn't discover enough design potential.

= Heroes =


Chain Reaction
- Also summons a neutral dummy besides damage & stun at center of area effect for 3.5/4.5/5.5/6.5 seconds to transfer 10% of damage taken as Health Removal to stunned enemy units from this ability.
- Summoned neutral dummy has 600/900/1200/1500 max health and provides 150/150 range of clear-vision.

+ This change intends to differentiate Torturer's 1st ability to Pyromancer's 2nd ability more.

Witch Slayer

Power Drain
- Mana drain per second to target hero changed from 25/50/75/100 to 1/1.5/2/2.5x target's intelligence.
* Mana drain per second still uses flat numbers to non-hero target.

+ Mana drain is on tight spot from being frustrating to be dealt against at early level on enemy with low mana and being less impactful to target enemy hero at later stage.
+ This change reduces the frustration level and increases the impact at later stage.

= Items =

Adeve's Cloak (Reworked)


- Template


- Components: Shaman's Headdress (2050g) + Helm of the Black Legion (2175g) + Recipe (775g) = 5000 gold
- Stats: 18 Health Regeneration + 275 Max Health
- Passive effects:
* 10 Magic Armor (Magic Armor Modifier)
* 20% Debuffs and Stuns Duration Reduction
* 80 Deflection (40 Deflection to ranged Bearer) by 50% chance.
- Active effects:
* Cooldown: 60 seconds
- Applies post-mitigate shield by 20% of Bearer's missing health and applies 30% Stuns & Debuffs Duration Reduction (stacks additively with passive) for 10 seconds (Activation Modifier).

+ This change basically is the same as general idea of the item with only exception is over the top price.

Behemoth's Heart

- Grants additional effect to reflect 10% of damage taken as Health Removal to enemy units within 650 radius to Bearer.
* The reflection effect doesn't affect unit with any immunity placed on them.
- New active: heals 45% of damage taken during active effect at the end of duration of it.
* Cooldown: 60 seconds
* Duration: 3 seconds

+ Axe of the Malphai currently doesn't have aura effect on its line of items as oppose to its counterpart, Acolyte's Staff.
+ Behemoth's Heart is partially countered by items cheaper than it so additional effects deem necessary.

Bloodborne Maul (Reworked)


- Components: Axe of Malphai (3200g) + Bolstering Armband (450g) + Recipe (1350g) = 5000 gold
- Stats: 35 Strength
- Passive effects:
* When damaged, gains 1 charge for every 10 health lost, up to a max of 150 charges.
* Each charge grants 1 bonus Damage to your attacks against non-structure enemies.
* Loses 15 charges per second after 4 seconds of not taking any damage.
* Effects of this item do not stack and propagate to illusions for 33% of power.


- Components: Axe of Malphai (3200g) + Blood Chalice (625g) + Fleetfeet (450g) + Recipe (725g) = 5000 gold
- Stats: 32 Strength + 7 Agility + 7 Intelligence + 75% Mana Regeneration
- Active effects:
* Cooldown: 25 seconds (share cooldown with Blood Chalice).
- On use, removes 10% of Max Health or a minimum 175 Health to be sacrificed and converts 60% of it into mana (rounded-up).
- 20% of Health sacrificed (rounded-up) is also converted into True Damage on auto-attack for 15 seconds.
* Minimum restores 105 Mana and Minimum grants 35 Bonus True Damage even if sacrificed health doesn't suffice (175 health or below).
* Requires more than 1750 current health to pass the minimum benefits given.
- If an enemy hero within 700 radius is killed before 15 seconds after usage, the user is healed back equals to Health sacrificed.
- Other mechanics are fairly similar to Blood Chalice (i.e. gain a charge on dying enemy hero, health left on usage if the adequate health doesn't suffice).

+ Recent Bloodborne Maul is pretty much hard to be balanced by numbers alone without making it too strong or too weak.
+ This change distinguishes each Axe of Malphai's line of items to focus on catering certain purchaser: Symbol of Rage to auto-attacker, Behemoth's Heart to beefer, and Bloodborne Maul to spellcaster.


- An Arcana as component is replaced by Alacrity Band.
* Total price reduced from 4725 gold to 4350 gold.
* Overall stats changed from 20 Intelligence, 40 Damage, 35 Attack Speed, 200% Mana Regeneration to 15 Intelligence, 30 Damage, 55 Attack Speed, 150% Mana Regeneration.

+ This change intends to make this item having components required by other items whenever it gets disassembled.

Iron Shield

- Change deflection value from 20/10 to 40/20 against hero attack.
* Still has same value against non-hero attack.
- Change deflection chance from 70% to 50% against hero attack.

+ This change intends to make this item having same consistency as deflection items of higher price.

Nihil Crystal (Reworked)


- Template


- Has 1 initial stock at shop and requires 2 minutes to replenish a stock by a maximum 2 stocks.
- While off cooldown, taking damage from player-controlled enemy sources starts a 1.5 second timer on the item and starts accumulating damage. The timer is refreshed each time you take damage from player-controlled enemy sources.
* Cooldown: 5 seconds (case of multiple Nihil Crystals on one user).
Whenever the accumulated post-mitigation damage exceeds 20% of Bearer's Max Health or 300 (whichever is higher) while the timer is active, the item is consumed and Nihilism is applied for 3 seconds.
Nihilism absorbs 65% post-mitigate damage taken and deal the absorbed damage as non-lethal Health Removal once the duration ends or absorbed damage exceeding 10% of Bearer's Max Health (capped at 150), causing the duration ends early.
* Passively grants 0.35 Mana Regeneration.

+ This change makes this item a reactive analog to Golden Apple.

Symbol of Rage

- New passives (in addition to current one):

* A countdown timer by 360 seconds is set at start of finished Symbol of Rage to indicate spawn time of Whispering Spirit.
* Summons a Whispering Spirit to follow the Symbol of Rage's bearer when the countdown timer reaches 0, granting Symbol of Rage a charge to prevent another Whispering Spirit from spawning and to instantly call upon Whispering Spirit in case of the bearer respawns.
* Whispering Spirit disappears altogether by the bearer's death and it spawns back once the bearer respawns whenever a charge is available on Symbol of Rage.
* Whispering Spirit is invulnerable, uncontrollable except for possessing neutral creeps by using Q button at default.
* Once Possession ability is activated on neutral creep, Neutral creep is dominated and Whispering Spirit is consumed to start the countdown timer.

+ This change is a way to bring along Whispering Helm's active into its upgrade, Symbol of Rage.

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Update 1.2

If anyone wonders about my intelligence regarding this game, then consider yourself visiting this thread:

Alternatively, visit this blog below to see the compiled version of the threads/posts I made on this Official HoN Forum:

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Add back Secret Shop aka "Black Market" in each Jungle

- every minute a new base Item gets added into the shop starting with 10% discount. (decreasing by 2% every minute)

- up to 5 Items available at a time (oldest will rotate out if nothing was bought)


Minute 1 - 10 only T1 Items (base cost of 500 gold or less)

Minute 11 - 20 only T2 Items (500 - 1000 gold)

Minute 21 - 30 only T3 Items (1100 - 2000 gold)

Minute 30+ only T4 Items (2100 - 3800 gold)



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This is fun!

Removed the following heroes:

Saphire, Puppet Master, Adrenaline, Rampage, Nitro, Calamity, Blood Hunter, Artillery, Flint Beastwood, Witch Slayer, Succubus, Polywog Priest, Oogie, Doctor Repulsor, Mage Bane, Slither, Pandamonium, Golden Viel, Arachna, Electrician, Kane, Salomon, Zephyer, Qi, Tempest, Deadlift.

Removed the following items:

HellFlower, Spell Shards and Codex

All stuns expect for Valkyrie arrow has been reduced to a max of 1.5 seconds. 

All blinks have increased cooldowns and increased cast times.

The following abilities are now point and click instead of using targeting, meaning you can dodge them by moving out of the way

Devourer's Devour.

Nullstone still blocks these abilitys.

Agility now grants 0.15% increased movement speed agility and increases all sources of damage by 0.07% no longer grants armor.

Intelligence now grants 0.15% spell amp

Strength increases size of character 0.20% and all armor/magic armor by 0.10% now grants agilitys old armor values as well.

Removed Restraining and anything that caused restraining will instead apply a slow or more significant slow; other then storm spirit. 

You can now also consume staff of the master for an additional 2000 gold. [you will not reap the benefits of stat gain however]

Towers no longer take negative armor reduction and no longer have magic immunity, rather they take 10% damage from all spells. They still have 100% stun immunity.

Movement Speed cap set back to 522.

Chrono's ultimate allows for enemy to move inside at a 90% reduced rate, however are unable to attack or cast spells.

All Runes except for refreshment Rune have been removed.

At level 20 you get a new inventory slot.

After 60 minutes, all creeps respawn 30% faster and move 20% quicker they are also worth 2.5x gold values. In addition all kongor status effects are doubled.



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Remove Dota heroes from Hon.

Too short, should be a chatlog instead of this one sentence as reply below:


If anyone wonders about my intelligence regarding this game, then consider yourself visiting this thread:

Alternatively, visit this blog below to see the compiled version of the threads/posts I made on this Official HoN Forum:

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Changes to be done that is NOT balance related:

Rework the whole tutorial for Heroes of Newerth. I know there was WZA who made a good tutorial back when HoN 3.0 was released but unfortunately it was probably too short and also alot of the stuff is unfortunately obsolete. For example when friends of mine finally decided to give Heroes of Newerth a try in 2021 and they were wondering why the tutorial did not work. Since they knew me, I had to go through alot of steps with them to show how to play and think etc. Most of you will say "try out midwars" but imo it is very different from playing the traditional "Forests of Caldavar".


Update the website. Currently it does not give a great first impression for someone who haven't played this game before. Plenty of obsolete parts on there. Also the ladder "bug" needs to be fixed.


Increase mastery rewards/levels. For the simple reason that you don't have to play on subs when you have capped your mastery levels.


Get rid of the HoN discord and have the primary focus on the HoN forums instead like back in the old days. It is way easier to keeping things organized on the forums compared to discord which is a big mess when you haven't been there for a while.


Bring back LTS for the GNU/Linux client for HoN client. S2 Games used to love GNU/Linux as much as we users love it. Currently the client is alright but there are some bugs that exists in the client that have been some issues for plenty of GNU/Linux users. Additionally, the installer doesn't seem to work properly through WINE so it is probably for the better to bring out LTS support for the client again, which also adds to my next point:


Bring a mirror page for the full HoNx64 client like it was when it was released in beta. If you cannot download it through the installer, you can still get it by getting the old HoN x64 client from last year and just update it from there.


Bring out the new donation goals that we have all been waiting for. Like bringing multicore support, modern OpenGL pipeline to name some examples.


Bring back SBT for more volunteering for the game and more feedback from the community regarding balance changes.


More frequent patches. Every other patch could a big one like they are atm but maybe a minor patch between the larger patches for hotfix so that some heroes doesn't have to be insta banned every game because of balance issues.


Bring back some of the old soundtrack to Heroes of Newerth. For example this one:


Also, some tutorials on how to create your own honmods since I haven't been able to find anything properly except for asking on the Mods repository Discord. 

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added some additional notes.
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do not allow new accounts in rating games, so it will be easier for gold players to increase their rank, which leads to a quick search on higher ratings

a very high price for gold coins, I understand that this is the envy of GARENA, but at least you and them can tell them this
and most importantly - a new season
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Here are my dream patch-notes:

- One last season reset aKa remove seasons at all.

- Accounts start at 1250 MMr again, reintroduce Bronze rank

- Only max of Duo-Queue on accounts with 1800+ MMr

- Insta rewards for ranking up. For example: 100 Goldcoins upon reaching Diamond rank, free avatar of choice upon reaching Immortal etc.

- If it is even possible: Randomtaunt in addition to Supertaunt: Every time you succesfully taunt someone it randomly chooses a taunt from your Vault.

Edit: Automatically generated "tournaments" like there were in Warcraft 3 with its own statspage (there once was a tournament stats page in the past iirc) and small rewards like 100 Goldcoins or 200 Plinkotickets.


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Modify Shrunken Head like you did with Talisman. If you can't have 100% physical immunity, why would you have magic immunity?

If more than 2 members have SH, and the enemy is magic dmg, it's kinda game over sometimes.

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On 11/9/2021 at 11:07 AM, datfizh said:

Too short, should be a chatlog instead of this one sentence as reply below:


Why would I waste time on something that will never happen? These heroes are too familiar and loved by most players. And since, I quote:

On 10/29/2021 at 1:13 AM, ElementUser said:
  • There should be 0 expectations on actually getting any of the changes mentioned in this thread into HoN. I wanted to make this clear. If any of them do happen to make it into HoN in the future - consider that a big win!

My dreams remain just dreams, impossible due to an outright misunderstanding. None of the changes we proposed for the overthrow of Dota heroes were introduced, therefore there is no hope. What's the point in writing a ton of text on rework Dota heroes, if there isn't even a 1% chance that plagiarized heroes will be completely changed? It’s just frustrating. You may not have noticed, but changes from the forum are almost never introduced.

Too many years have passed, the developers wanted these heroes to become, so to speak, classic heroes, bypassing balance and common sense. They also ignored the fact that for the sake of these heroes it would be better to play Dota. Heroes exclusive to HoN are weak outsiders who are simply not able to compete with Dota heroes overwhelmingly.
I already suggested - remove all the "classic heroes" for at least a couple of days and you will be surprised how interesting it will be to play. What did they answer me? Absolutely nothing. Because they want to see text of more than 5000 characters, with examples and MANDATORY replays from "professional tournaments".
Simply put - the conservatives won in this game, it is absolutely not interesting to me. I loved hon for the unique characters and the ability to play casual. Many years have passed - the same characters are annoying and nothing changes. I no longer believe in the developers and in this game and am here simply because I love HoN unrequitedly. Many patches have already passed, but I still don't see the moment when I can come back and play with pleasure. Simply because there has never been a situation where some conditional Devourer was rejected by everyone at once. Remember when he was last nerfed? It's hard to remember, but just look at Hon-Wiki and you will find out that he only got stronger. This applies to all Dota heroes.

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Dudno lol
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  On 10/29/2021 at 12:13 AM, ElementUser said:
  • There should be 0 expectations on actually getting any of the changes mentioned in this thread into HoN. I wanted to make this clear. If any of them do happen to make it into HoN in the future - consider that a big win!

Then what's the point of this thread?

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Enable pay 2 win. In game items cost real money to buy, but you automatically spawn each game in the server with previously bought items. If you play in a different server you get NOTHING. Also, have unlimited stash so you can cycle through previously bought items.

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I'd like to see BR in MW staying, but tweaked a little bit. I'm not sure how the algorithm works right now but I see some polishing that could improve it.

  • Make sure a repick does not result in you getting the same hero again.
  • Have the algorithm be partially random, with some manual logic built upon it.
    • Base it off of attributes, but limit the possibility of getting too many of the same attribute as to prevent one team ending up with 5 strength, 5 melee, 5 int etc.
    • Manually factor for hooks. So if one team randoms a hero from the hook pool, make sure the opposing team also randoms a hero from the hook pool.
    • I'm not sure if a swap has a gold penalty, but if it does, remove it.
    • Consider adding a second repick, with the first one being without gold penalty, and the second one being a bit more harsh penalty than right now -- I can only assume that this would need some code-rewrite in the basic repick logic, but hey, it is a dream patch after all.
    • Consider the possibility of randoming based off of superficial roles (tank, carry, support, nuke), and make sure each team has a proper setup (i.e 1 support, 1 carry, 1 nuke, 2 tanks, or something similar). These would probably have to be a community contribution by some of the regular MW players. Theorycrafting not needed though, we don't want to make it an ultra tryhard mode.


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After all this complaining about Balanced Random in MidWars and Henrys post just now, I suggest a different (temporary) game mode for Mid Wars: "Reverse Hero Select".

That way everyone has to play underpowered heroes he's not familiar with and it might lead to discoveries of what's actually good and maybe increase the hero-pool that gets picked in All Pick games by a few heroes.

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