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Trees at Legion vs Hellbourne

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Trees near tier 1 tower Legion side, have an opening straightforward leading to the tower. On the opposite side, at Hellbourne, the trees are more combact and the tree opening is going diagonically to the bacK almost of the tower.   Ofc most of the times the trees there at Hellbourne side are been cut, so the support can walk through. But why not add also a tree there at legion side. 

I would have posted pictures, but maybe it was intended that way, as its there for long time. 

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https://ibb.co/LJ1CvzH --- Legion side
https://ibb.co/2tkqyHY - Hellbourne side

the insert image from URL seems to not work for me dunno.

cant really tell what would be ok here. Its cool they are not identical the areas.I like them,  I just feel that sometimes the access to tower in Legion side might be a little more straightforward rather in Hellbourne. Ofc course Hellbourne has 2 trees that if they are cut  you can enter also directly. Maybe put a tree or two there, and make the opening of the passage a little more to the left. Just wanted to point it out,maybe thats what is is intended design- wise 

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If you really want those to match, the entire map would have to be mirrored to meet those criteria reliably....

While I personally think that the mid are is the most unbalanced one due to the distance between the tree juke areas and the mid river itself (creating different advantages or disadvantages for hook and long range ability heroes), I actually am kinda glad the map isn't 100% mirrored


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i dont  want them to be mirrored, already stated tht i like the fact they are not. maybe it doesnt even need to replace the opening, just close it with one tree, as there is that side path, at the start of this area of trees, that is unique .

i just thought the entrance to the tower is kinda `open` and more straightforward ?

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