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A mistake in judgement, please Help..................

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I'll try to explain this briefly, please do read to the very end it will only take a minute of your time.

A month ago i was playing a MW game, i was having fun and all, team was great, everyone was focused on winning, it was one of those games whee everything was going according to plan, a truly fun match!!! but then the Power (Electricity) in my Home went out! 

I live in a poor Country where we sadly have unpredictable and sudden power outages that results in me Disconnecting from many games, my Leave Percentage can prove this. all i want is to have some fun and i can't control this event. 

So i bought a Power supply unit! to sustain my PC, because in fact i suffered Hardware and software damage several times before due to my PC shutting down abnormally whenever the current goes out, some times worse, the voltage goes up and down causing even some light bulbs to burst before the Electricity goes out completely. But due to frequent power shortages. even the power supply Unit doesn't have enough charge to keep my PC alive more than 3 min. that's why when that happens i need to turn off my PC as soon as possible before the UPS dies and takes my PC with it. During that game that's what happened, so i bought 2 Doom bringers and attempted a backdoor to the enemy base hoping i can end before i leave, sadly things went wrong and i died dropping my 2 Dooms because of this and then Disconnecting!!!!! my team thought i had performed "Item Abuse" and reported me accordingly even though they have seen that i was playing dead serious and honestly the entire game!! for some reason they thought i wanted to rage quit out of nowhere and reported me unjustly accordingly. I even told them " i want to leave, come with me let's end i bought Doom" .

This match is a month  old and only know that i was shocked to see that i received a THREE month ban! THREE! for an Unranked MW game :( for something i had no control over.

So i appealed and since then received no answer , it has been 2 days and i got no answer and I'm afraid that I'll never will for some unknown reason. 

to anyone who read this and can help, please help. if you are a Gm or an SGm or an FB or just a good person, if you have the power to help in any way please do! Please at least review the match and my actions during that match! that would surly show that my actions in the final seconds were strange and were not Item abuse.

Game ID : 162301908

I was playing Klanx. 

The point of this message was to deliver my issue to anyone capable of helping me getting my Ban reviewed since the Appeal didn't get answered yet or might not be answered at all. Any person trying to give opinion about what happened whether positive or negative or wants to discuss whether what happened was my fault or not, his opinion is with all due respect not required, as this isn't the point of this discussion.

Thanks in advance for your time.

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