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The state of hon moderators is going the wrong direction.

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first of all let me state with the aid of announcing that i believe that there is mismanagement within the those who are preserving hon and it is killing this recreation faster then it would be without them.

banning virtual machines. certainly a bad decision. you don't have the participant base to prevent humans from being capable of get entry to hon. there's valid reasons to use hyper-v and it has nothing stopping your hardware ban s.

freeing content material. i am getting you are trying to extend the game however your brand new release of adding new gadgets that literally have not been once utilized in any game because they may be entire rubbish. alternatively ma router login ybe consciousness on attracting new players ?

banning players. forestall banning players for leaving the game or trash speakme. it's part of the game you'll in no way rid the game of toxicity that has existed from actually day 1. i am good enough with muting a participant to no longer wait in a queue for 10 mins.

store prices. it's dumb to keep the equal charges as 10 years ago.

for the reasons above i'm completed with hon you had been the great moba ever made however you have been cursed with being maintained with the aid of clueless people.

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Are you this person: 



If anyone wonders about my intelligence regarding this game, then consider yourself visiting this thread:

Alternatively, visit this blog below to see the compiled version of the threads/posts I made on this Official HoN Forum:

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