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The way you guys handle the RAP are rlly bad and you guys ban ppl without actually "LOOKING" into the matter.

Last night a russian started to trash talk and insult me and my team. calling us monkeys, feeders idiots, insulting like it was a walk in the park. i got angry and i start to answer back bcs he actually refused to participate in team fight...he just simply trolled the entire game and beeing toxic and insulted me and my team for actually trying to do something and win the game. we lost. at the end we reported me for beeing verbally abusive...i get banned. he walks away free... This is justice? fair play? The guy who insult reports me and i get baned...When a ticket appears do you guys actually look at the gameplay...who started..what was goin on?! or u just simply drop the ban hammer without checking the RAP?! bcs it looks to me that u guys just simply press the ban button without even look at the gameplay or who started to insult and who rlly deserve to be banned...no wonder this game its dead...and the 50% of the ppl that plays it are trolls/toxic ppl who just simply go around and trash ppl...im rlly dissapointed...i play this game since 2012...and everytime i got banned only bcs i dare to answered back to the toxic guy who insulted me. If you guys thhink this is the way to on how to handle reports , then i should go stick to other MOBA games.

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Disclaimer: I'm not a GM, I have no insights outside of what has been posted on this forum.

If you report a player for verbal abuse, the gameplay is actually not looked at - because it doesn't have any influence on that players guilt.
If he violated rules and you responded by violating rules, you're both guilty and will be treated the same way! That way however also includes the requirement to be reported by enough players. So if two players reported you and only you reported him (and your rap-score is not "Top Priority"), his chat will not be looked at, while yours will.
Afaik GMs can't ban anyone but the one reported by the report they got to handle - so even if they somehow say him insulting you way worse, they couldn't do anything in their role as GM. I assume they could have Top Priority, download the replay and report that guy themselves, so he gets banned - however your report will loose its value after 2 hours, so you will still see a "not corroborated" even if he's banned.
You have to differentiate between "Innocent" and "Not corroborated".

In addition to all that I just said: Chat abuse is at least partially handled by automation. Idk if that means promoting single-vote reports, making judges on its own or something else.
Anyways: You can of course complain about both reports via the rap-portal and they might get overruled (but I think chat abuse is the least questionable).

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Responding with insults is not and was never tolerated. It creates a further toxic atmosphere and makes you part of the problem. If you start to reflect your behavior instead of trying to find excuses and blaming other players for your actions, you will notice that the system is actually fine.

What manu said is correct. The majority of verbal abuse reports are handled automatically as context does not matter. If someone insults you or griefs, it does not allow you to breach the rules yourself. You don't have to respond with insults. You should report him and move on.

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As a player that got banned not once and not twice, I can vouch that the system works as intended.

When I get reported for an action that I have done that is not malicious, I don't get banned.

When I get reported for something that I deserved to get banned for, I get banned.

When I report someone that has done something malicious, he gets banned.

When I report someone that has not done something malicious, he does not get banned.


I think the main conclusion to make of this is to just not do any malicious actions and to not be afraid yourself if you act well, and just have some faith in the way things work in general.

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Yes, it doesn't work. Or more to the point - it is so barebones that it gives the illusion that it works, but all the numerous cases where griefers get away with griefing are counted out. (Which is of course to some griefers' delight who flourish in an environment where they get to test out their "novel" methods of gameplay.)
Don't be fooled: GMs are not vetted industry professionals, they are regular players who are thrown scraps their way to put marks over the proverbial checkboxes that stand for "each player's individual case". Think "Do you happen to be the victim and intentionally targeted? Too bad, we've removed warnings. Now you get banned just like everyone else." The bottom line? You didn't commit to ignoring the entire team and playing for yourself - the surefire way of mitigating RAP, hilariously - as recommended by "HoN veterans". (Whoever hasn't moved on from this dumpsterfire of a MOBA, I suppose.)

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Maybe you don't have enough valid reports in your RAP history so your single-filed reports get immediately discredited.

If you really want to bring the attention of GMs to a certain case, ask a friend to file the report together with you - this way the chances of someone being reviewed for his behaviour dramatically rises.

I'm 100% certain I didn't get banned on multiple occasions when my behaviour wasn't where it should've been, just because either people didn't have the energy to file a report, or perhaps it was only a single report by a person without enough RAP reputation. 


Besides - your personal definition of "grief" may differ from the Terms of Conduct definition of grief. I know it may be ambiguous at times what is 'exactly to the pin-point' grief, but I think humans have an innate ability to detect when something is seriously off, emphasis on the 'seriously'.

I personally think ignoring some allies in the team is the best course of action in some cases. Take as an example voice chat - it can't be reported unless directly documented via a video with sound. I've had occasions that I've heard not once and not twice death threats via the audio system - and I just accept and realize that unless I log the actual instance, nothing can and will be done about it, so I just mute the player and move on. 

When Solo-queuing, it is only a matter of time before you land with a player that you really absolutely dislike (for any reasons you personally have). Imagine you land on a team with me, since I imagine you're not very fond of me - and all lanes are immediately called and we both call short farm.

What do we do? Someone has to support, but neither of us wants to give way - is that grief? Or is it the inability from both of us to give way and be more flexible? 




I think whatever you are talking about is an issue beyond HoN, and rather an issue in life itself. These type of problems that you bring up are issues that exist in any country/political system/military system/police systems. I've had some military experience so I can assure you that all the problems that you bring up in the post above also exist there. "GMs are not vetted professionals and just regular players" - so is any person in their lives doing anything anywhere, it's just a tag "professional" or "veteran" - and can be interchanged based on personal preference; as long as someone does his job well, that's all that matters.

I think your frustration is justified, but I do not think blaming HoN and/or GMs has anything to do with it. This is what there is in the world - if you want to change it, no one is stopping you (at least not me). I'd personally be happy if you reported me for something bad that I've done and I got banned for it, as it would've helped me change for the better.

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