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Condition (Buffs and De-Buffs) status should be visible for your allies and maybe even your enemies.

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First of all the suggestion forum is a bit bugged, I can't post anything except polls there right now. (And even that seems bugged!).

But anyway, I suggest that the same status icons that you see for yourself be visible for the hero you click on. This would be of great help in trying to determine if a certain status effect is on or off on some heroes that have visually striking aspects to them that might be conflated with certain effects.


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They are visible.


If they aren't,. you just have to go to Options -> Mods -> Movable Frames and then reposition the window over the enemy-selected window in the bottom-right. There is one that exists & I have been using it since this has been implemented into the game.

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Cool, ill check it out. I was gonna write that "I thought they used to be but im not sure" but then I thought I might have just seen it in an other game.   Dunno how I ever moved them.

Damn lol it was behind my minimap for some reason! 😮 Maybe since I switched minimap sides the frames didn't come with it. 

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