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Regarding MMR and matchmaking

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There is an existing issue with matchmaking times in 1850 MMR and above. This issue renders players with that MMR without an ability to find a game, sometimes up to 6-9 hours. (I am not exaggerating, there have been cases where I personally waited 7 hours in queue from 3AM (my local time) up to 10 AM, when I had 1920 MMR. The max queue time is 30 minutes, and I refreshed it 13 times.

This issue created a situation that I felt forced to create a secondary account, which I did. And the problem repeated itself once I reached Legendary 1 with that account as well.

Sometimes I work odd hours, which leaves me awake during the night - and I literally can't play the game. I really like the idea of account value, and endless progression with 1 instance rather than multiple instances, but I feel like I hit a wall, an impassable one.

The main drive for me to gain MMR is to be #1 - it's not an ego thing - it's just a place to strive to, see how far you can reach, and enjoy the defeat that comes thereafter once you're beaten, and you have somewhere new to strive to again.

Playing on a "Smurf" account is very unenjoyable, mainly because the feeling of progress is deleted entirely. The amazing thing is - sometimes playing in lower bracket games can be even more challenging than higher bracket games - and you may end up losing regardless of your rank - which is really great because I appreciate difficulty and the sense of achievement. 

However, the main issue that persists - is that the sensation of progress is nullified, and it is outside of the scope of the player's control to regain that sensation of progress.

I would play games even if I had +0.1 MMR gain per game, because I'd think to myself "Alright, I just need 100 wins, and I'll be 10 MMR closer to my goal". But, alas, there are simply 0 games to be played at certain MMR brackets. Literally, 0, for hours and hours on end. 

Another thing to be noted is the Immortal +-5 MMR per game matter, which in my opinion is an issue altogether. The game, as it progresses, should be harder. Diminishing returns should take place, to add a sense of something to strive towards. However, gaining a flat amount of MMR per game after reaching the supposed peak of what matchmaking has to offer feels that it defeats its own purpose.


My suggestion is this:

Add a breakpoint timer - if a game has not been found within 15 minutes of initiating a queue, a player would be considered "Null MMR", and join the highest matchmaking queue available at that time. The player with "Null MMR" would gain +-0.1 MMR for that game, even if he is Immortal Rank


This is a suggestion to solve queue times altogether and to add a value to each person's account, as each person would feel there is a meaning to his time spent in the "waiting room".

I can't stress enough how large of a problem this is - I've had people I know that stopped playing or created many Smurf accounts just because of this issue.

If there's something that crushes any shred of motivation in a person - it's wanting to play a game and not finding one for literally an entire day.


I understand that there might be a fear this suggestion may create new issues - such as an extreme level gap between players - but let me nullify this fear by adding a few statements:

- The issue above ALREADY EXISTS. There is already a very large amount of smurfs that create an extreme level difference gap. The change that I suggested won't change anything that doesn't already exist.

- There won't be an incentive for using this method - you'd only have +/-0.1 MMR gain. This method is created for alleviating queue time in an extreme circumstance, not abusing MMR gain.

- As stated earlier - games in gold ranks for legendary players are not necessarily easier. Sometimes they are significantly harder because of many factors.



Factors such as:

- Players tend to focus and counter the highest MMR player in the enemy team.

- Higher methods of play that require team coordination may not be valid in lower brackets, which will add stress and challenge in trying to figure out what to do.

Sometimes it is easier to win in lower brackets than in higher brackets, and sometimes it is straight up impossible.


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My problem with your suggestion is, that this only incentivices to tryhard on whatever rank you land on, since you are playing on your main and you badly want that +0.1 mmr
you are effectively ruining the match for 9 others even more so than when palying on a smurf. As with the latter, you will care less about it's rank.


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Yes, I agree with you; I don't want to ruin a game for 9 other players. But I also don't want to wait 7 hours to play one game. 

Do you think that, something like having a maximum difference of 2 ranks can be good? (As in, Diamond can get minimum silver, Legendary minimum gold, Immortal minimum diamond?)

In regular circumstances it's limited to 1 rank below/above. But sometimes there just aren't enough players to get one game going, for hours and hours and hours on end.

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