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New remake system at picking phase

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I think it will be good to add a remake option at the picking phase because of some scenarios I have faced a lot lattely

1- 2 or 3 people fight for lane they will grief each other and the game will be a bad experience with the rmk option they can go new game and all are happy

2- smurfs there are 2-3 man who que together with sub account to troll with like 80% winrate and 3kd its an unfair game with the new rmk option they will not play a game so they will drop smurfing 

3- afk if 1 or more players random and they dont want to play they can rmk and go new game

this option will work and with grief and trolls 

The current rmk system is good but it last because there are to many trolls or people who are obested with mmr and they see it as a free win who.

So i think a team can decide to rmk on their own with 3-4 votes. But to not abuse this rmk system for its should be added only in picking phase 

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The only way to protect the game from the Smurfs is to link each account to a specific computer.
If something is wrong at the lane stage - pick and lane errors are a strategy problem, we are not here a Shooter.
And here again there are balance problems - the supports are too strong, and the hardliners are still too weak.
Well, and the most important thing is to reduce the number of votes required to make a decision, because we have every 3 people who press "no" at all votes

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