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EU, please bring back the Legacy Kinesis. You just ruined the classic design of one of my favorite heroes and I could not get over with that. Until now.

Q: Stasis Smash - What's the matter of making this as his current Ultimate? Rubick has it and even the Stasis Lift itself. Even stronger than his. All into a freaking 1st ability. 

W: Lift : The single unit lift is what I admired the most about him and you took that away for a weird, laggy kind of lift. A single, low-cooldown lift is what Kinesis usually needs the most at difficult times to trigger the speed bonus and shield of his (E) instantly. And I love how I could massively throw trees on a single enemy hero with his old ultimate, Mass Lift.

E: Inherent Defense - Perfectly fine ability. I love how you made this ability for a hero. Put Codex, Mock, and Harkon = infinite shield.

R: Mass Lift - I want this back. I love how I throw everything on an area. You know, I can even remember its old sound effect. And to even increase the Lifted units by boosting it with Staff is even better. Much better than what he currently has now.


I imagine Kinesis as doto2 Skywrath Mage. You said before that Kinesis' abilities were literally hard and something like irrelevant to his design and out of meta like..c'mon. Skywrath Mage may not have a stun but scales well as a support, has a slow and massive ult. But my old Kinesis had everything!

Just leave Thoughtsteal to some other heroes like Circe- a mysterious, magical lady and a sorceress who speaks "your power is mine!". Kinesis has the power of the mind to lift things, not to steal them. Don't ruin his name. Stealing is more fit for Circe which I put an extra time to work with for a rework on the next topic.

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It's not really worth it to revert Kinesis. Majority of players don't agree, and if you look at it from a basic point of view, old Kinesis has no niche. He's just a mass nuker.


Also, none of your posts are formatted in a way where I actually want to read them nor respond to them. Sorry to be blunt. You'll have to figure out a way to actually get me to read them, because the ideas are just that: ideas. They're not that cohesive & are way too subjective. They don't have a clear end goal other than to make the heroes more "fun" in your opinion, and often don't have much substantiation behind them.


If this was Balance Design/Discussion, these posts would be archived really quick. I'm generally systematic regarding actually considering & implementing changes. Despite my past disagreements with @Sorais, he does at least present things in a better manner even though I disliked his tone in his posts in the past. He has gotten better recently.


Give me a reason to want to agree with you & I'm more likely to consider the post at the very least. It also helps if your post is not too short, nor too long, and uses logic & reasoning over "I think this is a good idea".


Making me like to read your post is the first step to get me to consider the posts too. Right now I just don't like the presentation and writing style, as I mentioned in the last paragraph. 

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Don't get me wrong, suggestions by anyone  are always welcome (assuming they don't break any forum rules & the suggestions are not made with malicious intent) & that's why most of them are posted here. 

I still at least glance at each suggestion here, even if I don't respond, disagree with the suggestion, or think it's a bad idea. If you really want a suggestion to make it into the game, posting it in Balance/Design will be better (though they are subject to the forum rules to better ensure the quality of said posts).

If the post is less serious and formal, then keep posting them here in Suggestions. 

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For kinesis, i have some suggestion.

Frist make his Q swap with his ultimate. This change make kinesis more reliable early game and less RNG

Second: Make a spell list that kinesis can steal for each heroes. For each heroes, Kinesis will steal the guarantee spell of that hero.

For example:

Scout: Maskman shot

Devouer: Hook

Nighthound: Smoke bomb


And then, For staff upgrade: Allow kinesis to stolen the second guarantee spell of that hero.

Scout: Invi

Devouer: Devour

Nighthound: Blink Strike

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