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[Linux client] Somehow I enabled the game logger and it's considered as a mod.

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Hi, I'm currently testing on my slackware 32-bit machine but encountered the following warning: something about having mods enabled and won't able to play on some game modes, (not really an issue at the moment since I'm just bot gaming in order to re-learn how to play) but may be an issue If I want to play a real match in the near future.


Is this just some bug or is there a way to disable the logger?

The client have created two files from the previously bot matches:

/home/lariesadx/.Heroes of Newerth/game/logs/

game_00000.log    game_00001.log

I didn't noticed if that happened on the linux64 client or If it happened It didn't issue any warning about using mods.

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Uhh, I never had that with an actual file inside. I know that for some reason I most of the time got a warning about using mods - even when I didn't use any.
Prevented me from playing SBT-matches when they were required to join SBT 😇.

Anyways: Mods are only forbidden if you're playing matches with Tournament Rules. Matchmaking does not use those! So you should be fine unless you're going professional 😉.

Also interesting that someone still is running 32 bit Linux Desktops. Even I stopped to do that eventually (5 years after I had 8 GB of ram inside of my PC).

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Thanks again Manu, is good to know it won't be a real problem, the warning only shows after playing a match when the gamelog is created, so just restarting the client will remove it 👍

I recently got a laptop where I tested the 64-bit and the multilib 32-bit HoN (and become aware the HoN client still had It) I thought the only MOBA available for 32-bit linux was awesonauts, 😮 that's why I'm checking it out.

I'm using this 32-bit box since it's the one I used to try and test a pure linux without dual boot win after I got a critical malware/virus under windows 7, and I'll intend to use it until the distro drops support for the arch (at the moment was easier for me to stay on a 32-bit than using multilib) besides the box only has 4GB of RAM with an AMD APU A4-3300 so I don't think I'll get better performance on the 64-bit version and I prefer using desktops than laptops😅


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