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Oh Holy Sol, Have Thy Mercy! These stuffs trigger my OCD!

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I apologize if the title is exaggerated and somehow belittles people struggling with OCD, I just want to discuss few things as below:

  • Lightning Modifier and King Klout's Goblin Toss

Lightning Modifier and King Klout's Goblin Toss share the same bizarre change upon getting upgraded. The general idea of unusual change on both Lightning Modifier and Goblin Toss is they have bounce effect at the start, shown by Voltstone and Blue Goblin. Later on, both Lightning Modifier and Goblin Toss change their chain effect into area effect represented by Thunderclaw and Red Goblin on their first upgrade. Finally, both Lightning Modifier and Goblin Toss have chain effect back represented by Hypercrown and Green Goblin on their last upgrade. There is a noticeable difference between Lightning Modifier and Goblin Toss, that is a final change of Lightning Modifier removes the area effect but Goblin Throw instead merge both area effect and chain effect.

Before starting on talking about the unusual change of Lightning Modifier, this modifier is probably most favorable creep-clearing item besides cleave effect from Runed Cleaver or Searing modifier to certain extent. This favorability possibly makes a starting item of lightning modifier that is Voltstone has bounce effect so there is a cheap creep-clearing item. Though this statement could be a reason to make Voltstone having bounce effect, most of the time no one buys Voltstone first and players usually already upgrade it into Thunderclaw for creep-clearing benefit. So, it leaves the bounce effect on Voltstone a tight spot to justify its effect.

Because of that, I propose an idea to make Voltstone a better creep-clearing item but it is no longer cheap but it is still at affordable price. This proposal surely has flaws, so your feedback is appreciated in that thread. 

Back to King Klout's Goblin Toss, the same thing can be said to this ability but the purpose on Blue Goblin having bounce effect probably is to incentivize King Klout into upgrading the goblin into better goblin. At the time the better goblin spawn, King Klout is encouraged to toss it on enemy hero because they already has low health as an aftereffect of blue goblin.

Though the statement I mentioned can justify blue goblin's bounce effect in a way, it still leaves a question as to why Red Goblin having area effect instead of bounce effect. Perhaps the area effect on Red Goblin is to differ it more from Thunderbringer's 1st ability. Still, both Goblin Toss and Thunderbringer's 1st ability can be completely different without resorting an area effect on Red Goblin.

Because of less justified reason to have current Red Goblin, I propose an idea to change area effect of it into bounce effect so Red Goblin still has same function as Blue Goblin but better. This proposal possibly helps King Klout killing creep while also poking enemy hero better than what Red Goblin already does currently in term of consistency, meaning there is no need to have enemy units clumped together to be effective.

  • Abilities with disordered scaling

If I remember correctly, this disordered scaling happened first on Glacius. Until recently, some heroes also adopt this unusual scaling with Ichor as latest hero I know getting this treatment on his recent rework. For anyone that still wonder what disordered scaling means, this stuff is basically a number increase on an ability upon leveled to not scale by same number as an ability levels progress. There are two types of disordered scaling based on this statement, the ability that is spiked up as an ability getting higher levels and the ability that is fallen down as an ability getting higher levels.

I found disordered scaling weird at first but given the reason from developer that it gives power spike to heroes intended to dominate the game early, generally categorized as Support heroes, I agree on that condition. Though I'm in agreement with that reason, that alone doesn't quite add up on heroes that has ability spiked up as an ability getting higher levels. My guess is this treatment is for semi-carry heroes because they make up their independent on gold through getting experience instead. The heroes that used to be to have this type of scaling is Slither and Gravekeeper is one of heroes that currently still has this treatment.

In conclusion, disordered scaling is good approach to flesh out heroes with their capabilities at certain stage of the game. 

  • Whispering Helm and Nihil Crystal

Anyone probably can guess what this topic will be, so let me know what your version of thought about this topic by typing that below this thread.

  • Closing Statement

In the end, all of my statements aren't perfect, so let me know your thought on these stuffs. Thanks in advance and once again I apologize for any inconvenience.

  • TL;DR
    • Have a look at this thread: 
    • King Klout's Goblin Toss is just a gimmick.
    • I approve disordered scaling on ability per level.
    • Give your opinion about Whispering Helm and Nihil Crystal.
    • Sorry and Thanks.



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If anyone wonders about my intelligence regarding this game, then consider yourself visiting this thread:

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These don't really matter in the grand scheme of things & are indeed too much of a personal qualm you have. 


I see no issues with any of these. Thanks for the other comments though. 

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