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2nd Noobs & Associados Tournament (Sep 16-19)

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Hello everyone!!!

We are very glad to announce our SECOND edition.

Our first edition was a success, with some notorious presences on the live stream such as AngryTestie, Rozaru (he´s playing this edition), OMGItsMarlon, Clantons and many others.

Hosted and Streamed by the Brazilian Twitch channel Noobs & Associados and officially sponsored by Frostburn Studios!


The Tournament will start tomorrow (Sep 16 - 19).

10 Teams / Best of 3 for with a Best of 5 for the final.

Map: Forests of Caldavar
Server: BR
Mode: Captains Pick
Tournament Rules 5v5

More info: https://play.toornament.com/pt_BR/tournaments/4835847779594674176/

So this is - one more time - our invitation to you!!!

As i said before, this is a big event not only for the BR community but to the HoN community as a whole. We´d love to see the players base grow in friendship and respect and this is a great oportunity for it.

Feel free to join us and say hello, your presence will surely be noticed and very much appriciated.

A BIG thank you to Forstburn Studios, our good mate @Saphirez and lets play!!!

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